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Bitcoin News: Bitcoin plunges 12% between cryptocurrency sales

November was not the best month for cryptocurrencies, after a significant drop last week, enthusiasts were hoping for a recovery crypt.

However, experts say the decline is also due to a large selloff in digital currencies, exacerbated by several factors.

Tthe downward trend could be the result of many things, with experts taking into account the increase in US regulatory control and the further delay in the launch of bitcoin futures from the Intercontinental Exchange encryption platform, Bakkt.

It is also expected that the selloff has been influenced by investigations by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in the crypt.

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin dropped to $ 3,519.94 on the Bitstamp platform, after a minimum of 14 months.

The digital currency has lost 74% of its value this year, after facing the worst fall of Bitcoin in December 2017, reaching almost $ 20,000.

Ethereum, Ripple and the Crypto market

The fall continued with the Ethereum ether down 7% to $ 106.69, and Ripple's XRP fell 5.6% to 34 US cents.

There is a debate among experts if this could be the beginning of the end for cryptocurrencies, with some analysts looking at the situation with a positive outlook, saying it could be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the volatility of the market.

However, mainstream investors have avoided Bitcoin in response to the decline, as the fall in recent weeks has created concerns over frequent price fluctuations.

Experts suggest that since Bitcoin is only 10 years old and already in 2014 it has suffered massive falls of 92% and 85% in 2015, this year could be the worst for the currency with 700 billion dollars of capitalization on the encrypted market.

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