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Bitcoin money [BCH] against Bitcoin [BTC]: The research states that BCH has never undermined its 8 MB block

Bitcoin Cash, divided by its mother cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in mid-2017, when supporters shouted that the maximum size of the 1MB encryption blocks was too small and could not process many transactions, had hard times recently. The bear market had consumed a part of its market capitalization, with the result that money perennially loomed in bear territory.

This led to the infamous Bitcoin hardfork that gave birth to Bitcoin Cash, with the vision of a new and improved Bitcoin, one that could block blocks with a huge size of 8 MB. Supporters of the new cryptocurrency claimed that BCH would take control of Bitcoin because of the number of transactions it could handle.

Supporters of Bitcoin Cash wanted to install multiple transactions on a single block, thus allowing better use of the cryptocurrency blockchain. However, almost 18 months later, the original BCH objective does not seem to be true.

A report by the LongHash research team suggests that, despite the high Bitcoin Cash objectives, since the beginning it has never extracted a block of 8 MB.

LongHash reported that the average block size for Bitcoin Cash, as divided by Bitcoin in August 2017, is 171 KB, or only 2.1% of the 8 MB limit propagated by the proponents.

The report states:

"So far, there has only been one day when the BCH blocks have been half full. On 15 January 2018, a year ago, BCH averaged 59% of their total capacity."

In terms of capacity size of recent blocks, in the last 30 days Bitcoin Cash has recorded an average of only 34 KB in blocks, which is only 3.7 percent compared to the Bitcoin block size of 923 KB, over the same period.

Source: LongHash

Another interesting finding is that the comparison of the size of the blocks reflects the difference in market capitalization between the two cryptocurrencies, with the market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash which represents 3.6% of the market capitalization of Bitcoin.

LongHash declared:

"Some will say that it is a positive sign that the BCH blocks are not close to their capacity, but others will refer to the lack of interest in BCH".

To grab the comparison between Bitcoin and the altcoin, Roger Ver, the CEO of Bitcoin.com and the main supporter of BCH, he published a tweet stating that BCH in 2019 is what originally had to be Bitcoin. Ver accompanied his complaint with the original BTC white paper, highlighting the original "peer-to-peer electronic payment system", comparing it to BCH.

Roger Ver can not escape the drama, with the BCH supporter challenged to a "fight" by John Carvalho, better known as Bitcoin Error Log, with the fate of Bitcoin.com in the balance.

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