Bitcoin mining giant is launching an Ethereum mining pool


The largest mining pool of Bitcoin in the world is now set to dominate Ethereum ., a subsidiary of the mining hardware giant of the cryptocurrency Bitmain today released a new client specifically built to extract the Ethereum blockchain. currently represents about 16% of the computing power that drives Bitcoin BTC (hash rate). Likewise, it makes up about 14% of the Bitcoin Cash network. But it seems that Bitmain is not content simply to dominate these two: Ethereum is next

"We anticipate that mining operations will grow to 12 [percent] of hashrate ETH in the next 12 months." Says Zhuang Zhong, director of the mining pool of

What is also interesting is that seems certain that the transition proposed by a Proof-of-Work algorithm to a consensus-style Proof-of-Stake (PoS), through the imminent Casper protocol, do not discourage it from the Ethereum extraction. This certainly seems ridiculous, even after hearing what Zhong has to say.

"It is still possible to host a data mining pool in PoS mode," he said in a statement. "It will increase the complexity to design such a pool, since miners must deposit [E] in the mining pool, but we have a lot of practical experience with Ethereum's wallet and smart contracts to make a pool of PoS mines possible."

Unfortunately, the exec stopped sharing any details on how the implementation of the PoS pool would work.

Published 30 August 2018 – 12:00 UTC

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