Bitcoin ™ millionaire & # 39; throws money from the roof, is arrested


A notorious number of Chinese cryptocurrency was arrested after throwing stacks of $ 100 ($ 12) bills on the roof of a building in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Hong Kong.

Bitcoin BTC self-styled millionaire Wong Ching-Kit announced the extravagant stunt via Facebook. In the post, he declared that soon the money would be "falling from the sky".

Sure enough, Wong continued to rain cash on the streets of Kowloon on Saturday, causing chaos as the citizens would have become frantic in their haste to collect as many free invoices as possible.

At the moment it is not clear how much money has been thrown, notes South China Morning Post. The police managed to seize HK $ 6,000 ($ 770), confirming at least some of the banknotes to be legitimate.