Bitcoin markets are becoming green


The cryptocurrency may be known for its volatility, but at the moment it seems to offer a positive gradient to relative stability.

Looking at the Coin360 market-related data in general, it was a wave of green as Bitcoin kept a value of over $ 4000 USD in the last two days. Even Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash all turned to green.

From the charts taken by CoinMarketCap, it is evident that the token peaked on 7 January and has since held the $ 4000 mark. If Bitcoin can keep this increase steady, the cryptocurrency sector is ready for 2019.

Ethereum holds the second position in the markets and is the leading accountable. At the time of writing this article, the figure is $ 152.35 USD, with an increase of 1.31% in daily trading.

Ripple also shows a slight increase of 1.63% in daily trading and now has a value of $ 0.368 USD. Bitcoin money is worth $ 160.92 USD, 0.52% in daily trading.

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