Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver compares the coinism with nationalism within the Crypto community

Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver compares the coinism with nationalism within the Crypto community

In a recent post on Twitter, Roger Ver has made an interesting comparison between those that support a specific currency (coinism) and nationalism.

He said that the coin is the new nationalism.

The cryptocurrency market is tormented by individuals and crypto-supporters who defend only one currency. They are usually praising how good it is and how bad the others are. In general, supporters of a single currency believe that their good is the best and that all other coins are just "shitcoin".

The image that Ver has uploaded shows to different groups that fight one against the other in their thinking. And this is something that has compared to nationalism.

It is important to remember that Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a currency that was launched by Bitcoin (BTC) in 2017, experienced a new hard fork on November 15, 2018. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV (BSV) were defending two different visions of how climb the network.

At that time, supporters of both sides were closed in their positions. Bitcoin ABC supporters attacked Bitcoin SV supporters and vice versa. This did not help both parties to create high-level discussions and initiated the so-called "hash war" between networks to see which currency would have the longest blockchain.

This is something that can be compared to what happens in some countries. History shows that war is the normal state of the world, with very few periods of peace between nations. when nationalism raged, the wars that followed tried to defend a single way of life and culture. Other cultures and nations have been discredited and attacked only to be different.

Today, the encrypted market seems to experience something similar and even end up in the same way as nations, in wars. If the market wants to grow and prosper, coinism it should stop. Conversations between different mediators do not seem logical in many cases and clearly damage the space.

Although Roger Ver seems opposed, he has participated many times in unnecessary discussions with those who thought differently from him and preferred to support other virtual currencies.

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