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Bitcoin is just certain public blockchain to last for the next 100 years

The next run of cryptocurrencies will decide which public blockchains will become the definitive names of the sector, the investor and entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom Alistair Milne predicted in a Twitter wire January 19th.

Milne, which in particular is known on Twitter as a source of bullish bids on Bitcoin (BTC), said that any new maximum price for the largest cryptocurrency would exceed that of 2017.

"The probability that Bitcoin corresponds to his ATH [all-time high] again the price and then does not continue beyond it seems very low. Each wave of adoption is an order of magnitude bigger than the last, "he wrote in a Saturday discussion.

Bitcoin continues to trade about 80% less than its peak in December 2017, when its price reached more than $ 20,000 on some exchanges.

The persistent slowdown has led to multiple accusations by prominent economic figures – such as the economist Nouriel Roubini – that the Bitcoin is tending to zero, a proponent argument, including Milne, contest.

"It takes time for the feeling to change 30-50million [sic] people who own cryptography are not the best in the industry, "Milne keep it going, boldly adding:

"The next bull run will decide which public blockchain will persist for the next 100 years." I believe Bitcoin is currently the * only * sure thing[.]"

Milne also highlighted the interest of institutional investors and Bitcoin's profile as "gold 2.0" in supporting the next round of adoption.

BTC / USD has lost around 5 percent in the last 24 hours, trading just over $ 3,500 for the press.

In December, the managing director of the Japanese fintech company and cryptographic exchange operator Quoine predicted that Bitcoin will reach the new historical highs of this year. Earlier, fellow investor Michael Novogratz also said that the main cryptocurrency could exceed the $ 20,000 ceiling by 2020.

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