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Bitcoin is back on track: price catalysts to watch out for Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly's talk on CNBC is back with new updates and strategies on Bitcoin [BTC]. Kelly has mainly mentioned the upcoming cryptocurrency catalysts that investors should look for.

  • He mentions the tax season is over and so we can now expect the coin to regain its momentum soon.
  • The number of transactions is starting to increase, which is the fundamental support all investors need.

He says that investors need cash to continue with their investments. He referred to a logbook that showed data from June 2017 to today and states that the sudden increase in Bitcoin is a very positive sign and according to recent statistics the chances of having an increased value are very high.

Brian Mello, a fan of cryptocurrency says:

"Clueless. This is an oversold rebound, but not a break of new highs. "

One Twitterati commented:

"Hahaha is so funny, it's like this whole cryptic thing turns into a very big reality show, I've never felt so amazed"

Martin Harley, a Bitcoin investor, says:

"He literally shot a moon at the end"

Bitcoin at the time of printing was trading at $ 8,499.34 with a market capitalization of $ 144.39 billion at 12:00 UTC. In a previous conference with CNBC, Brian claimed that Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology that is still in its infancy.

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