Bitcoin IRA White Label Solution launches as a turnkey offer for companies

[ad_1] is designed as a platform that allows different customers to buy bitcoins along with other coins on the market that can be used for their retirement accounts. The company went ahead to announce the launch of the new turnkey. It is a white label solution for companies that helps them invest their clients' money in IRA bitcoins.

This is a new type of business solution that has been specially designed to meet the industry's financial advisors, registered investment advisors, authorized fund managers together with wealth managers with clients interested in taking the necessary actions to invest in the cryptic world.

A service designed for financial advisors

As a financial advisor, you can access the company platform and negotiate freely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on behalf of your clients.

Alternatively, as a financial advisory, you will also be able to allow your clients to easily negotiate for themselves and be able to monitor the performance of their activities through the back-end of the platform. The Bitcoin IRA it has been designed not to contain any of the funds, so once the operations have been completed successfully, the management fee is immediately distributed.

The Bitcoin IRA the platform was designed with a business program that is able to use the best storage and security space available on the market to ensure that customer data is securely stored together with cryptographic investment of customers.

The company took a step forward by making sure to have a cold storage portfolio of the BitGo signature. But that's not all they've developed a high-level AML / BSA compliance program, it's a two-factor authentication plus millions of dollar consumer protection insurance that's been implemented .

The company is enthusiastic about the new move

The company does not see the time to make the last move they have ventured into because they are happy to offer this new business solution and also to be able to work side by side with financial advisers working in different sectors. And from this the company will be able to expand its services and be able to offer it to a much wider demographic, this is all according to Chris Kline, Chief Operating Officer.

The question, together with the interest of the cryptic world, remains high, all this has happened despite the fall in prices; so, with this new platform, the company is sure that it will allow money managers to easily invest customers in 2018 before prices reach a rebound in the next year.

The announcement was able to follow in the footsteps of the IRA Bitcoin as a launch of a self-dealer, a platform that will allow customers to sell, buy or exchange cryptographic coins; all of this can be done quickly in their retirement accounts at any time of day or week. This was not all, since launching, you should also expect to see a complete redesign of the site, a much more convenient and fast application, a platform that will also improve the price charts encrypted in real time, c & # 39, is a center of investor knowledge along with a history order to keep you on track.

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