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Bitcoin Future Forecast: Bitcoin To Beat Gold's $ 7 Trillion Market Capitalization? Here's What The Winklevoss Twins Think

The Winklevoss twins have always been contributors to the cryptocurrency industry. They have always been happy to give their predictions about the cryptocurrency community. From time to time, Tyler and Cameron, the owners of the regulatory-centric cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini, have always been bullish about Bitcoin. This weekend, during the ask-me-anything on Reddit, Cameron Winklevoss said that he expects Bitcoin to surpass gold in market capitalization. Keep in mind that currently has a $ 7 trillion capitalization while Bitcoin is struggling to stay above $ 60 billion. In his words:

"We are still bullish about Bitcoin. We know Bitcoin is better than gold. If our theory is right, in time, Bitcoin's market capitalization will surpass gold's $ 7 trillion. "

Bitcoin (BTC) Future Prediction

Saying Bitcoin will surpass is the height of any bullish sentiment towards the world's foremost cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and when is it? Well, one Bitcoin would cost about $ 333,333 as soon as the market circulation hits 21 million. For a single Bitcoin. Keep in mind that BTC is currently ranging between $ 3000 and $ 4200 with no breakout or breakdown in view. I know, it's a long way up to $ 333,333.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

Bitcoin is not the only ones who are bullish about the Winklevoss twins. Nick Szabo, a cryptographer and a computer scientist agrees with the twins. In his words:
"Bitcoin is better than gold for many reasons. In many situations a government does not trust another government. In these kind of situations, Swiss banks are used to hold bulk funds. Unfortunately, Swiss banks are not trustworthy because they are subject to political pressures. This is why cryptocurrencies are the most trustworthy options. Another reason why cryptocurrencies are better than gold is that they are not subject to physical vulnerabilities like gold. In the past, they conquered some of the European countries, the first places were stormed.

What Else Is Happening In The Cryptocurrency Industry

On another end of the continuum, Ripple is making headlines. Recently, Coin.ph, an xRapid partner of Ripple, sold out for $ 72 million to Go-Jek. Go-Jek, a Philippine-based exchange of 5 million users and is planning to use Ripple's xRapid to enable cross-border payments between the United States and Philippines.

Still on Ripple case, the creator of Tip Bot has decided to increase security on the platform. An update layer of protection against hackers. Twitter users were excited about the update.

Lobstr, a Stellar based wallet announced that it would be working on an update that will make the transfer of XLM tokens easy to use. This feature will allow you to send XLM not just for fellow accounts.

What do you think? Does Bitcoin have what it takes to surpass gold's market capitalization? If your answer is yes, how long do you think it would take for this to happen?

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