Bitcoin flexes its muscles while the cryptocurrency market decreases until 2018


  bitcoin dominance

The cryptocurrency market surpassed an unwelcome milestone on Wednesday, not only falling to a low level since the start of the year, but also exceeding the decline from 78% of the peak to the decay of the Nasdaq Composite Index in prey to the dotcom bubble that kicked off the new millennium.

Cryptocurrency Decline Now Worse Than Dotcom Bubble

After a new rout this week, the market capitalization of cryptocurrency – the combined nominal values ​​of all coins and tokens in circulation – is now valued at only $ 186.8 billion , a 78 percent drop in technology bubble style from $ 835.7 billion of increasingly high as early as eight months ago on January 7.

  cryptocurrency "width =" 996 "height =" 472 "srcset =" jpg 996w, /wp-content/uploads/2018/09/cryptocurrency-market-cap-sept12-300x142.jpg 300w, https: // 2 48qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl-wpengine.netdna 768w, / uploads / 2018 / 09 / cryptocurrency-market-cap-sept12-640x303.jpg 640w, sept12-360x171.jpg 360w "sizes =" (maximum width: 996px) 100vw, 996px
Source: CoinMarketCap

The crash is even more pronounced if observed without bitcoin stabilization effects. At a peak of over $ 550 billion at the beginning of January, altcoin market capitalization has declined by about 85% and now has a value of $ 78.4 billion. For reference, ripple (XRP), the third largest cryptocurrency, was once nominally valued at $ 145 billion.

  cryptocurrency altcoin market cap "width =" 1042 "height =" 486 "srcset =" https: // 248qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl-wpengine / wp-content / uploads / 2018/09 / altcoin-market-cap -sept12.jpg 1042w, 09 / altcoin-market-cap-sept12-300x140.jpg 300w, https: // 248qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl-wpengine / wp-content / uploads / 2018/09 / altcoin-market-cap-sept12-768x358.jpg 768w, 2018/09 / altcoin-market-cap-sept12-1024x478.jpg 1024w, https: //248qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl-wpengine.netdna-ssl .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/09 / altcoin-market-cap-sept12-640x299 .jpg 640w, altcoin-market-cap-sept12-360x168.jpg 360w "sizes =" (maximum width: 1042px) 100vw, 1042px
Sou rce: CoinMarketCap

Surprisingly, the capitalization altcoin market today is lower than a year ago, when, even after the uncertainty regarding the Chinese ban on cryptocurrency and initial offers of coins (ICO), altcoins collectively collected over $ 80 billion 12 September 2017

The bitcoin domain reaches a maximum of 9 months with the crash of Altcoins

The route is perhaps even more difficult if observed in its individual components. Thirteen of the 15 major cryptocurrencies by market capitalization have decreased by at least 78% compared to historical highs, according to OnChainFX data.

  cryptocurrency prices "width =" 1734 "height =" 602 "srcset =" https: // ath.jpg 1734w, /uploads/2018/09/cryptocurrency-down-since-ath-300x104.jpg 300w, https: // 248qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl-wpengine. ath-768x267.jpg 768w, /09/cryptocurrency-down-since-ath-1024x356.jpg 1024w, https: // 248qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl- jpg 640w, / 2018/09 / -criptale-down-from ath-360x12 5.jpg 360w "sizes =" (maximum width: 1734 px ) 100vw, 1734 px
Source: OnChainFX

Six, in the meantime, have decreased at least 90%, including XRP (93%), bitcoin cash (90%), cardan (95%), IOTA (91%), tron ​​(94%) and NEO (92%).

Bitcoin, obviously, was not immune to decline. Since it peaked at $ 20,000, peak cryptocurrency has fallen by 69% and is now testing whether the support will be $ 6,000.

Even so, the bitcoin position in the cryptocurrency market has rarely been stronger, at least since the beginning of the ICO boom, which has now increased the number of cryptocurrencies to nearly 2,000

  domain index of the bitcoin "width =" 1079 "height =" 656 "srcset =" -content / uploads / 2018/09 / bitcoin-dominance-index-sept12.jpg 1079w, sept12-300x182.jpg 300w, /wp-content/uploads/2018/09/bitcoin-dominance-index-sept12-768x467.jpg 768w, https: // 248qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl- dominance-index-sept12-1024x623.jpg 1024w, 640w, https : // w-248qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl /09/bitcoin-dominance-index-sept12-360x219.jpg 360w "sizes =" (maximum width: 1079px) 100vw, 1079px
Source: CoinMarketCap [19659007] The bitcoin domain now stands at 58%, the highest point since 13 December 2017. It is a significant face-face since January, when bitcoin accounted for just under a third of the total capital market.

In fact, it's been a long time since someone mentioned "Flippening," and the May Ver Ver's prediction of Roger Ver that ethereum would exceed bitcoin in 2018 looks increasingly comical.

Bitcoin, it seems, is still the king.

Dotcom Bubble's silver lining

Often lost in comparison to dotcom bubbles, although many companies failed, technology stocks as asset classes eventually returned with revenge, and the Nasdaq Composite I ndex now it is located far above its dotcom bubble peak.

  Nasdaq composite index chart "width =" 1053 "height =" 418 "srcset =" / 2018/09 / dotcom-bubble-nasdaq .png 1053w, 300w, https: //248qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl-wpengine.netdna-ssl .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/09 / dotcom-bubble-nasdaq-768x305.png 768w, content / upload / 2018/09 / dotcom- bubble-nasdaq-1024x406.png 1024w, .png 640w, https: // 248qms3nhmvl15d4ne1i4pxl- 360w "sizes =" (maximum width: 1053px) 100vw, 1053px
nasdaq composite index | Source: Yahoo Finance

There is no guarantee that the cryptocurrency market will provoke similar results, but if it is really analogous to the dotcom bubble, the real question is not when the market will stop at zero, it is " What cryptocurrency is Amazon, and that is

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