Bitcoin exceeds Ethereum in number of nodes for the first time since 2016


Ethereum seems to have two great advantages Bitcoin-One is technological and the other is organizational. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum it is more than a platform that is used to run blockchain-based apps. He also got the cryptocurrency, Ether and offers developers the freedom to develop anything for the platform. At the time of the press, the total market capitalization of Bitcoin is about $ 70 billion, while the total market capitalization of Ethereum is about $ 15 billion. In an interesting development that may surprise many, Bitcoin has passed Ethereum in the number of nodes for the first time since 2016. Currently, Bitcoin has 10,266 nodes while Ethereum is at 10,078, according to Trustnodes report.

The numbers acquire even more significance because during the summer 2018 Ethereum had about 16,000 knots that now have halved to about 8,000. One of the reasons could be the need for a node to play with smart contracts and so on, but now things have changed and all you need to do is tap Infura, which handles billions of node requests.

A similar thing happened to Bitcoin in 2015-16 when the number of nodes dropped to just 5000, which now doubled to 10,000. One of the main reasons for this growth could be the growth of the incredibly bloated community from 2015-2016.

The new companies have probably started to manage a node, which has led to an increase in numbers. In addition to developers, ordinary individuals do not seem interested in managing a node.

For common users, it is a bit difficult to run a node, but this is bound to change once Ethereum transfers to stakeout, as they will be paid to run an Ethereum node.

For now, the best way to increase the number of nodes is probably by increasing the ecosystem, as shown by the increase in Bitcoin.

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