Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Price analysis for the week from 27 August to 2 September

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The adoption of bitcoins becomes real only when the suppliers of fruits and vegetables accept the encrypted ones. Yahoo Finance integrates cryptocurrency trading. Firefox blocks cryptojacking to protect its users from malware. Volkswagen collaborates with IOTA for the "DigitalPass" blockchain application. The Silkroad Bitcoin wallet is activated again when huge funds are transferred to BTC and BCH.


Nasdaq joins the run of the federal regulated cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin-friendly Square wins a new patent for the encrypted payment network. PundiX enters Brasileain Markets with its POS Tron launches its TVM

In a real-world adaptation of Bitcoin and its use as a fiat currency has jumped forward, the Bessarabia market in the Ukrainian capital Kiev has allowed people buy fruit and vegetables in Bitcoin and other cryptos via cryptographic payment processor, Paytomat that supports 11 cryptocurrencies. According to its website, Paytomat currently supports Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Nano, Decred, Dash, ZenCash, ZCoin, Dimecoin, Waves and NEM. This is apparently an experimental phase in which customers can spend their cryptates for fruits and vegetables.

In another big news this week, Yahoo Finance has recently integrated bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum trading. This is in addition to the statistics that are available on the platform for other cryptographic tokens that are currently not exchangeable, including bitcoin and EOS cash. Given the importance of Yahoo Finance, many in the digital currency community are announcing this development as an important step in the cryptocurrency movement towards the mainstream.

The famous browser developer Firefox has announced that it will take new measures to prevent encryption and other forms of illegal encryption in future iterations of its program. Cryptojacking, the process by which malware infiltrates a victim's computer to use processing power for mine for the digital currency that is then stored by an external source, has long been a concern in the currency community digital. This was a particularly relevant problem for Web browsers and sensitive websites. Users move unintentionally to an affected site, and therefore nefarious programs affiliated to the site take advantage of the processing power of users to extract tokens. But this step Firefox users are sure of this mischievous exercise carried out by sophisticated hackers.

In a recent decision to bring the blockchain to the automotive industry, Volkswagen collaborated with the IOTA project to launch its first functioning product called Digital CarPass – which is like a report card for a vehicle that uses a distributed ledger to ensure data such as mileage is reliable.

According to a Reddit post, according to recent data on transactions, a popular Darknet website Silk Road that sells online drugs seems to have shifted $ 1 billion bitcoins from its cold wallet. This is the first time the portfolio has been active since March 9, 2014, some months after the sight has been taken down by the FBI. This movement is expected to lead to a huge landfill by some cryptographic analyzes. If sources are to be trusted NASDAQ is attempting to be the first promoter of cryptocurrency governance, order execution and in the forefront of the institutional movement in the cryptographic ecosystem. While there have been announcements of other securities linked to global trade entering cryptic waters through partnerships and futures exchanges. Square gets too tired to get the encrypted POS payment, as it guarantees a patent that will allow its merchants to accept payments in foreign currency and digital assets.

Square, with over 2 million merchants, says cryptographic payments will be processed at the same speed as traditional transactions such as credit card payments. In other news, as regards the cryptocurrency used at the POS, PundiX entered the Brazilian market with a partnership with BitCapital, the largest OTC concessionaires in Brazil for cryptocurrencies. Tron also held a global launch event for the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM). TVM is a virtual machine created by TRON Foundation in order to make the TRON ecosystem bigger and better.

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Bitcoin [BTC]

One of the few weeks in which Bitcoin records a 10% increase. After staying in overseas territory for over a week, BTC came back with short film coverage and people started buying it. The rejection of the ETF under reconsideration has also played a catalytic role in purchases. Prices hit the highest point of 7,242.29 USD and the lowest point of 6.689.71 USD during the week. Apart from the anomalous values ​​of BitMEX and BitForex which had volumes of 25.55% and 31.83% respectively, the most active exchanges, in volumes, with BTC on various pairs this week were, Binance (2.34%) , BitFinex (2.13%), Bithumb (1.80%)

In analysis, researchers at Element Digital Asset Management, a consulting firm offering consulting services for the cryptocurrency market, have recently pointed out that bitcoins (BTC) remained within the price range from $ 5,500 to $ 8,500 for over three months. According to the asset manager, this is a sign that short-term operators have dominated the cryptography market.

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Ethereum [ETH]

Ethereum has finally emerged from the crisis as it rose 8.74% due to some technical factors. At the top, this week's prices were at 301.14 USD and were at lows of 273.65 USD being practically in this range. The most active markets, in terms of volumes, with ETH on several pairs this week were DOBI Trade (6.68%), OKEx (3.12%) and Huobi (2.66%) still BitForex with an anomalous value of 36.53%

surrounded Ethereum, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) may be close to allowing futures trading for Ethereum (ETH) on its platform. This was revealed in a report by the specialized Business Insider portal, in which they mention that CBOE Global Markets, would be "ready" to make this commercial move early.

Ripple [XRP]

XRP also saw some positive moves this week as the currency moved by almost 7%. At the top, this week XRP prices were $ 0.356798 and downward they traded USD 0.323066. The most active trades, in volumes, with XRP on several pairs this week were Bitbank (19.76%), Huobi (10.05%) and HitBTC (7.16%)

XRP had great news this week while Ripple is filling that gap with RippleNet that offers SMEs a competitive advantage for global payments. This week was a key event in the history of XRP. 2 transactions in less than 10 minutes shifted 6.7 billion XRP tokens for approximately $ 2.1 billion as reported by Twitter Bot @XRPLMonitor. First, it was 2.1 billion XRP and the second was even larger, the move was about 4.6 billion XRP.

Other promoters and agitators

The other coins that have reached the top and the bottom this week according to Coin Market Cap (log on 2 September at 22.30 IST) were


  • IGToken – Shows an increase of 596.04%
  • Token PKG – Showing a 199.65% increase
  • VikkyToken – Showing a 166.11% increase


  • WABnetwork – Showing a decline of 60, 46%
  • Mozo marker – Showing a 49.72% decline
  • Hexx – Showing a loss of -47.86%

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  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Price analysis for the week from 27 August to 2 September


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Price analysis for the week 27 August – September 2


The adoption of bitcoins becomes real only when fruit and vegetable vendors accept encrypted. Yahoo Finance integrates cryptocurrency trading. Firefox blocks cryptojacking to protect its users from malware. Volkswagen collaborates with IOTA for the "DigitalPass" blockchain application. The Bitcoin Silkroad portfolio is activated again when huge funds are transferred to BTC and BCH.



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