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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Bytecoin


The recent increase touched the price resistance of $ 4200. The failed attempt to disband resulted in a violent reaction as the crypto currency lost $ 500 in a day. The nearest support is not far, about $ 3600. If the support breaks, it is likely that last week's rally will be forgotten and we will see another attempt to test the annual support area around $ 3000.
A positive signal came from the 50-day moving average that recently exceeded the 200-day moving average; this has not happened since Bitcoin was $ 6300. Not to mention the fact that support is being built around the 200-day moving average.


Against the dollar, the price rose as the resistance around $ 115 was violated. An excessively high increase at $ 157 led to a quick downward correction and the attempt to recover met resistance around the $ 130 level. Support is at $ 120 (weak support).

Against Bitcoin, traded around the 0.033 BTC level. The support around this range is a little fragile, after the sharp increase from the beginning of December. The resistance in this range is 0.036 BTC.

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Against the dollar, since the floor was around $ 75, BCH rose to $ 230. This was an impressive 200% from the bottom floor. Currently traded around $ 170, the resistance in this range is at $ 185; the support is around $ 150 and remains in the meantime.

Against Bitcoin, BCH ABC had completed a 100% gain from the floor and traded around 0.045 BTC. Resistance – 0.052BTC, support – 0.04BTC.


Against the dollar, BSV traded around $ 92. The attempt to break had reached up to $ 128. Attempts to find support for around $ 100 went bankrupt, so that level had turned into resistance. Support is at $ 88.

Against Bitcoin, traded around 0.024 BTC where the nearest support is located. A dissolution attempt could turn into a double maximum (a bearish pattern) around 0.032 BTC. The resistance in this range is 0.028BTC.

Bytecoin BCN

BCN presents an interesting weekly chart: traded around 19 SAT. Since the correction started in May marked 16 SAT as a long-term support level. The resistance is around 22 SAT. Volatility seems to have moderated somewhat, while BCN is close to a strong support area.

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