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At the end of last month, Satis Group, an ICO advisory service and research company, published a short, medium analysis report and long-term pricing and forecasts for large-scale cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin and Ripple showing impressive results despite the current unpleasant Bitcoin prices.

The initial coin supply company has published the report with a view to examining the current price value of the major virtual currencies in the cryptographic market which includes their valuation of the actual prices underlying the prices of coins

The published report could not have come at a better time as it contains market forecasts concerning the potential growth of the encrypted market in the future, giving hope to current and potential investors.

at present, according to the information provided by CoinMarketCap, the number one classified cryptocurrency, Bitcoin exchanges at 6,939 US dollars per currency, marking a price decrease of less than 5.77% over the last 24 hours. The Satis Group analyst predicts that the price of Bitcoin will increase to about $ 96,000 over the next five years.

It is evident that these new price forecasts by Satis Group are not so encouraging compared to the estimates made by other market researchers and observers who place the Bitcoin price evaluation in the next five years around US $ 1 million. .

Currently, as the market discusses and examines the results of the ICO advisory service and the research firm, people do not respond positively to them as Tom Lee, another revered weighted crypt places the price of Bitcoin's approximately 91,000 US dollars by the middle of 2020.

Regardless of attacks by investors and traders, the discovery of The Satis Group still looks quite positive considering the current circumstances that have plagued the encrypted market.

Satish Bitcoin & # 39; s Bullish Prediction

For some time now, it seems that the market Cryptographic has been plagued by stagnation and price movement has been little positive since it began this year. But Satis Group arrived with a promising price forecast claiming that Bitcoin will be one of the virtual currencies that will benefit and realize its potential that the crypt is going to catapult its price up to $ 96,000 US dollars per coin over the next five years. .

However, according to the results of the recent report, Satis Group predicts that the monetary value of the entire cryptocurrency market would be $ 3.6 trillion US dollars by 2023. If that is all, this market valuation the increase in market capitalization would be massive considering the current market capitalization of the entire cryptic market currently under $ 200 billion.

Satis Group Prediction on Ripple (XRP)

From the beginning of the year, Ripple (XRP) managed to maintain a more or less constant price trajectory and, consequently, the digital currency has been able to recover interesting traction ratings.

Currently, Ripple (XRP) is trading ging at around $ 0.293 US, and when we look more closely at the performance of digital currency prices from the start of the year, we will note that the & # 39; Ripple XRP lost value over time. The cryptocurrency has lost more than 60 percent of its value from the peak.

According to the Satis Group computer report, Ripple (XRP) has no utility value, making it a deceptively commercialized digital resource. Many passionate crypts see these feelings negatively while the digital currency is continually gaining mainstream adoption in the financial and banking sectors.

Everyone familiar with Ripple (XRP) can attest that the digital currency is making salient points with constant news to be adopted by finance companies and banks. It's just a fact that no one can subtract Ripple.

According to the research, Ripple investors should be looking for a fall in prices for areas of $ 0.01 compared to the current price of $ 0.293.

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