Bitcoin Daily: Ethereum, Cardano Price Hit Lows


The justice department in Zhongshan, a city in China, is turning to the blockchain to keep d 'eye words, reported CoinDesk. The system has been created to constantly follow the movements of words. With technology, the forces of order and community correction staff can intervene if individuals deviate from their normal routine. According to CoinDesk, the system has been implemented in "community service centers" – places where provisional freedom completes daily activities and check-in

High Times will take cryptocurrency into its initial public offering (IPO). While the publication will not hold or take the digital currency itself, apparently Fund America will convert the crypto into the US currency for the company. A company official said: "It's similar to the way we do an international IPO and we accept the pound or the euro, those guys do not take that money, they're converting it to [dollars]."

In other News, Ethereum and Cardano have reached the unseen minimums for a year on Wednesday (September 5), said CoinDesk. The deal found that Etherum reached the level of $ 211 on Wednesday, which marks the lowest cryptocurrency since July 30 last year, and "Cardano has fallen to levels not seen since last year." Ethereum is second in terms of the second digital currency in terms of market capitalization, while it is said that Cardan is ranked in ninth place. The price of Ethereum was $ 228.98 as of 7:36 pm Thursday (6 September), said CoinDesk.

The Iranian government now sees the encryption as "legitimate activity", according to CoinDesk. The secretary of the Supreme Council of the Iranian Cyberspace Abolhassan Firouzabadi said that the activity "has been accepted as an" industry in the government ". The news comes as Iran is trying to make a central bank digital currency (CBDC) to circumvent economic sanctions from the US At the same time, Firouzabadi said that a national digital currency could be a "promising" way to negotiate with business partners. At the same time, however, the government has not yet defined a final policy to govern encryption.