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Bitcoin & Crypto & # 39; s Glory Days now in the rear-view mirror · Cryptosumer

In October 2018, when Bitcoin found himself above $ 6,000, Soulja "Drako" Boy, the American rapper of the fame of "Crank That", released a banger titled simply "Bitcoin". In the piece of music, a track in Soulja & # 39; s Young Drako album, the Chicago artist spits fire, so to speak, on the world's first cryptocurrency.

While many assumed that Soulja was going to rob the good crypto, the rapper no. Instead, Drako continued to refer to Crypto's "culture of Lambo," emphasizing that foreign cars sit in his driveway. He also made mention of Litecoin, while he mentions his dependence on controlling Blockfolio incessantly. It is likely that the lyrics of Soulja were fantastic, made in an attempt to gather some semblance of strength. However, the fact that he did much more than abandon the Bitcoin name was still optimistic.

And yet, only a few months later, he seems to have turned his back on the cryptocurrencies.

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Soulja Boy & # 39; Tells Em & # 39; That Bitcoin is a game of chance

In an interview with Cheddar, a promising Business Outlet, Soulja, which has now been the showrunner show of a semi-business, spoke about Tesla, flying machines, other technological advances and Bitcoin. Drako, who was recently targeted by Nintendo, said that the glory days of the cryptocurrency are now in the rearview mirror.

The American artist noted that "it's a game of chance", before adding that the potential returns are lackluster, since too many people know about Bitcoin now.

Strange as Soulja is in love with futuristic concepts, such as Tesla's innovations, flying cars, exports and recreational marijuana, but against a fintech innovation that changes paradigm.

The Bitcoin Renegers

Soulja is not the only crypto enthusiastic about reneging on Bitcoin, so to speak. Recently, NewsBTC reported that Erik Finman, believed to be the youngest crypto millionaire, had lost confidence in the main cryptocurrency. In an interview with MarketWatch, Finman, who abstained from college to become an entrepreneur, explained that the biggest cryptocurrency is "dead".

Finman emphasized his fiery comment about the fact that the Bitcoin community is "too fragmented", probably touching the number of spades that hit the network and its spawn. The entrepreneur, known for his turbulent social media habits, has elaborated:

"There are tons of infighting, I do not think it will last … There could be a bull market or two in it, but in the long run, it's dead."

Interestingly, the teenage investor added that he sees the potential in Ethereum and ZCash, advertising their innovative offerings, namely smart contracts and privacy. But he shot Litecoin, noting that the project supported by Charlie Lee is about to disappear, just like the Sun setting at the horizon. Finman made it clear that Litecoin will not go up tomorrow morning.

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