Bitcoin Core Almost ready with version 0.17.0


Bitcoin Core is on track to release the next version, with address updates as well as privacy features.


Bitcoin Core is preparing to release version 0.17.0, the next big release from the adoption of a segregated witness. While on September 8 there was talk of a release, based on the Coindar program, GitHub for the new version shows that it is only 95% complete.

The latest Bitcoinops newsletter also points to an upcoming publication, although the date could be further away, awaiting testing of the proposed version.

"The tests are very popular and can help to ensure the quality of the final version", recalled the newsletter.

The development of Bitcoin is a process that goes behind the scenes and lacks the hype surrounding other projects. While the Bitcoin Cash approach uses rapid and dramatic updates to alter the path of the digital asset, Bitcoin Core is more conservative.

One of the possible changes that would increase the privacy of Bitcoin is the so-called "partial avoidance of expenses", which leads to the connection of Bitcoin addresses and to the break-up of anonymity.

"When an address is paid multiple times the coins from these separate payments can be spent separately, which damages privacy due to the linking of otherwise separate addresses," explained Reddit TipToeThroughCrypto user in a discussion on the new version of Bitcoin.

Despite updates, the thread of the new version of Bitcoin Core shows that proponents of the main currency are looking for stronger privacy features similar to Monero. At the moment, Bitcoin remains traceable for those willing to monitor transactions through portfolios. However, it is difficult to connect a personality with a Bitcoin wallet, and transaction tracking is still hampered by pseudonymy.

Bitcoin maximalists continue to believe that with enough changes, BTC is the only cryptographic currency needed, shifting the functions of all altcoins. However, Bitcoin remains a currency with limited functionality compared to technologies attempted by altcoin. The biggest advantage of BTC remains the in-depth test, as well as the extensive network of miners, developers and users.

The expectations of a new version have had a limited effect on market prices. BTC has undergone a sharp correction starting September 5, rising from $ 7,300 to $ 6,436.37 as of 12:30 UTC on Friday.

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