Bitcoin Cash – Daily Analysis ABC / SV, Litecoin and Ripple – 11/20/18


Bitcoin Cash – The ABC – SV Tumble

Bitcoin Cash fell Monday to levels below $ 300, with BCH ABC down 23.52% to $ 218.86 and BTC SV down 34.96% to $ 56.8, leaving investors no wiser on which pair will eventually dominate by looking at the last price action.

It was a completely different story when the respective percentages of hashes were observed, with BCH ABC rising to 6,338 PH / s, while BCH SV saw its hashing speed slipping to 974 PH / s, divergence through Monday indicating a team victory ABC.

Despite the jump in hashing rates, the negative sentiment plagued BCH ABC and the broader market, with BCH ABC slipping from a high intraday day start $ 286.2 to a late day intraday low $ 211.9, rollover seeing BCH ABC dropped through the First level of major support at $ 262.35 and second main support level at $ 237.18 before finding support above the third level of main support at $ 198.18.

At the time of writing, ABC BCH was down 1.57% to $ 215.42, while BCH SV underwent another stop, slipping 16.1% to $ 47 , 66, with the decline in the support of the hashish rate that weighed heavily at the start of the day, the outlook seems sad to self-proclaimed Satoshi's Bitcoin Cash SV.

Litecoin returns to $ 30

Litecoin dropped 14.62% on Monday, after a 17.6% drop last week, to close the day at $ 35.76.

Bearish from the start of the day, Litecoin has slipped since the start of a high day $ 41.87 at the end of the day low intraday and new swing to $ 34.73, the trend reversal of the day when Litecoin has lost the main support levels of the day by late morning.

At the time of writing, Litecoin rose 2.69% to $ 36.71, passing in the early morning seeing Litecoin rise from a minimum of 35.73 dollars to a maximum of $ 36.72, the highest levels of support and resistance of the day were not tested in the beginning.

For the day ahead, a move up to $ 37.5 would signal a further rise in the second part of the day to bring in $ 40 levels and the first major resistance level at $ 40.17 in play before any pullback, Litecoin likely will fight to keep $ 40 levels at the end of the day, less than a large cryptomarket breakout in the early afternoon.

The bankruptcy of moving to $ 37.5 by late morning could see Litecoin renouncing some of the early gains this morning, with a rebound in the morning $ 35.73 low bringing $ 34 levels and the new swing of Monday to $ 34, 73 in play before any recovery, the first major level of support of the day at $ 33.03 unlikely to be tested excluding materially negative news affecting the wires.


Ripples Fares Better than the Rest

Ripple's XRP fell 6.45% on Monday, reversing the 1.15% gain from last week to close the day at $ 0.4826.

Following the broader market in the early part of the day, Ripple's XRP slipped from an intraday high of $ 0.5159 to a mid-intraday mid-$ 0.46618 before stabilizing, the first reversal saw Ripple's XRP dropped through the first major support level to $ 0.4968 and the second main support level to $ 0.4779.

Support in the middle of the day prevented heavier losses, with Ripple's XRP moving back to $ 0.49 before returning to the end of the day.

At the time of writing this article, Ripple's XRP had grown 3.2% to $ 0.49805, with Ripple's XRP rising from a low day to $ 0 , 48262 to a maximum of $ 0.50330, the steps during the day leaving the main levels of support and resistance tested.

For the day ahead, a return to $ 0.50 will support a $ 0.51 level run and the first main resistance level at $ 0.5103 before any pullback, the second highest resistance level of the day at $ 0.5379 will hardly be at stake today, except a broad based on the market rebound.

Failure to return to $ 0.50 by late morning could see Ripple's XRP renounce part of the morning earnings, with a minimum of $ 0.48262 bringing the first major level of support to $ to play. 0.4606 before any resumption, sub-levels of $ 0.46 hardly at stake in the case of an inversion of the cryptomarket during the day.


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