Bitcoin Cash – Daily Analysis ABC, Litecoin and Ripple – 01/07/19


Bitcoin Cash – ABC – Puts on the ground

Bitcoin Cash ABC gained 4.21% on Sunday, reversing 0.68% down from Saturday, closing the week up 1.94% to $ 165.24.

A first half of the day saw Bitcoin Cash ABC failing to exceed $ 160, while a first day of $ 157.00 intraday saw Bitcoin Cash ABC hold well above the first level of main support at $ 154.68 .

Tracing the broader market, a rally in the late afternoon kicked off, with Bitcoin Cash ABC exceeding 38.2% of FIB of $ 163 and the first major resistance at $ 163.86 to an intraday peak of $ 166, 52 before going back.

At the time of publication, Bitcoin Cash ABC fell 1.08% to $ 163.45, with a downward start considering that Bitcoin Cash ABC falls from a high in the morning to $ 165.22 to a minimum of $ 163.45, the main levels of support and resistance of the day not tested, with Bitcoin Cash ABC holds over 38.2% of FIB of $ 163.

For the day ahead, a holding on $ 163 levels until the morning would have supported a recovery later, a $ 165.22 high morning move bringing $ 168 levels and the first main resistance level at $ 168.84 in play , Bitcoin Cash ABC that needs support from the broader market to break through to $ 170 levels later in the day.

Failing to maintain the levels of $ 163, Bitcoin Cash ABC dropped to $ 160 levels to call support at the first major support level at $ 159.32, with market sentiment in the broader market to dictate whether Bitcoin Cash ABC it will drop to $ 157 on a Sunday.

Litecoin continues to lead the way

Litecoin rose 12.76% on Sunday, after a 7.68% rally on Saturday, to close the week of 23.2% to 38.88 dollars.

Recovering from a morning dive to a low intraday of $ 34.06, Litecoin enjoyed another bullish day, doing the rally between late morning and afternoon at a high intraday of $ 40.12.

Litecoin passed the first major resistance level at $ 36.39 and the second main resistance level at $ 38.3 to hit $ 40 for the first time since 19th November before returning to the $ 38 levels at the end of the day.

At the time of writing, Litecoin had fallen by 0.98% to $ 38.50, with Litecoin withdrawing from a high day of $ 39.48 to a minimum of $ 38.15 before stabilizing, the main levels of support and resistance of the day not tested at the beginning.

For the day ahead, a return to the morning level will support a return to the levels of $ 40, with a resumption of the last rally that will likely attract side investors to bring into play the highest levels of resistance of the day, the first major resistance level at $ 41.31 the main bulls target.

Failure to climb the morning high could see some money coming off the table after a week of solid earnings, with a pullback of up to $ 37 levels bringing in the game the first major level of support at $ 35.25 before any recovery.

Ripple Eyes $ 0.40 Levels

Ripple's XRP gained 4.38% on Sunday, reversing a fall of 2.02% from Saturday, ending the week down 1.46% to $ 0.3768.

A small intraday of the first hour of $ 0.35442 saw Ripple's XRP maintain its first major support level at $ 0.3481 before the broader market took over. Ripple's XRP gained gains in the early afternoon to reach $ 0.36 before bouncing back in the late afternoon.

The rebound saw Ripple's XRP hit an intraday high of $ 0.38498, surpassing the first resistance level at $ 0.3762 before returning to 0.37 levels at the end of the day, a large rally through the majors that guided Ripple's XRP through the 2ND half of the day

At the time of writing, Ripple's XRP was down 0.38% to $ 0.37537, with a start of $ 0.37922 high and the morning low $ 0.37341 leaving the main levels of support and resistance not tested in what was a relatively limited start.

For the next day, a hold higher than $ 0.3730 during the morning would have sustained a recovery of $ 0.37922 to reach $ 0.38 levels and the first resistance level at $ 0.3897 in play before any pullback, the largest cryptographic market that needed another breakout to support a $ 0.40 level race later in the day.

Failure to maintain levels above $ 0.373 could see Ripple's XRP picking up more success throughout the day, down to $ 0.36 bringing the first major support level to $ 0.3592 in play before of any recovery, subtitles of $ 0.35 improbable in the block game a broad sales encryption.

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