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Bitcoin bullco holding strong above $ 4k, Skyrockets XRP at $ 0.4

Crypto Market Update: Bitcoin Bullcoin holding strong above $ 4k, Skyrocket XRP for $ 0.4

After each bearish rise, the cryptocurrency market continues to move back up to the point where the bulls have stopped. More often, the bulls took the lead, creating new trading prices, volumes and market capitalization.

While most traders called the funds for this year, December saw the unexpected rise in the year, enough to revive the big bull from the risky $ 3200 of all lows annual and return it to $ 4000. More specifically, 1 BTC is now valued at $ 4180.52. Coherently, the direction of the currency is directed towards $ 4,500 and $ 5,000.

The market structure proves reliable to allow BTC to thrive and get up to $ 6,000 before the start of the new year. While this does not satisfy any of the analysts' price forecasts, most of which canceled these price forecasts and concluded that BTC will have a better year in 2019 or that the currency has actually hit the bottom, this will create an environment better for the highly anticipated profits (from institutional investors) to emerge, much faster than when the currency was at the $ 3000 level.

The market also appears to be favorable to the "altcoin", as Ripple XRP has reached 20.59%. The market capitalization has continued to double, with over 3.41 billion dollars in addition to market capitalization, Ripple XRP rose from $ 15.14 billion and now reached $ 18.18 billion in a 24-hour interval.

EOS was also one of the main holdings as it posted a significant increase to $ 3 when trade volume rose to $ 1.98 billion. With Okex traders continuing to get rid of EOS / USDT trading pairs up to $ 223.58 million from the previous 24 hours, EOS may be able to maintain this milestone just reached.

With gains of 13.46%, Ether has also increased its game with a trading price of $ 147.48 at the time of the press, now directed towards $ 200. The next 24 hours will do much more than simply raise the price trading, with the market capitalization and the volume of exchanges inflated from each corner, more cryptocurrencies will reach important milestones ahead of schedule.

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