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Bitcoin [BTC], Tron [TRX] and Binance Coin [BNB] to use to pay Pro, products without advertising

BitTorrent Inc., responsible for the development of widely known uTorrent and BitTorrent client for peer-to-peer file sharing, announced that customers can now pay Pro and Ads Free products using Bitcoin [BTC], Tron [TRX]and Binance Coin [BNB]. Payments will use Coinpayments.net, a cloud-based payment solution for numerous cryptocurrencies, as a gateway.

Justin Tron, the founder of Tron and CEO of BitTorrent, stated

"BitTorrent joins a growing number of online companies whose products and services accept TRX as payment.With over 100 million BitTorrent users, the move helps to increase the use of TRX in online markets by offering consumers more options to unlock the value of BitTorrent premium products. "

The benefits of going pro include HD playability, file conversion, fast downloads and PC protection from malware and of course, use without ads. The blog post also detailed how to pay for services using TRX or BTC.

BitTorrent, Inc. is a software company based in San Francisco. Founded in 2004, it uses peer-to-peer sharing technology to allow large files to be sent over the Internet and allows content creators to connect with users. In their own words, "BitTorrent introduces decentralized currencies into one of the world's largest decentralized applications".

pxlicious, on Twitter, commented on the development:

"Hi Netflix! The next generation of TV will be certified by BitTorrent."

The intuition of Cryptoduck on Twitter:

"There is an intrinsic value for the BitTorrent brand and TRON should not miss the opportunity to advertise the names side by side."

It could help to facilitate the wider reach of TRX. There are potentially thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of BitTorrent users who have never heard of TRX, or who otherwise are not familiar with. This move is expected to increase adoption rates.

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