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Bitcoin (BTC) on the edge of the recovery of ALL losses in December, 6-month-high waves

On December 1, Bitcoin was trading at around $ 4,250, but with the current month, prices have plummeted, with the asset eventually reaching a minimum of just under $ 3200.

And then, on December 18th, magic took place. The oversold market of cryptocurrency, which had fallen below $ 100 billion in total value and which many expected to fall further, has recovered spectacularly. Over the past seven days, over $ 40 billion has been added to the total market capitalization, with the price of Bitcoin alone, which has gained over 30% in value.

Today, Bitcoin is almost $ 4,200, just a few inches from the recovery of all December losses. Looking through the wider altcoin market, things are even better – Bitcoin SV (BSV), the recent hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), has grown by 98% in the last 30 days, with Tron (TRX) growing by 70 % and Ethereum (ETH) up 20 percent. The only digital resources in the top 10 that remain down in the last month are EOS and Stellar (XLM), with respectively 15% and 22% losses.


Moving away from the top 10, the WAVES trading platform was undoubtedly one of the most performing currencies this month. The decentralized exchange platform has increased by an incredible 253% since December 18, making WAVES the twentieth largest cryptocurrency in the world, with a market capitalization of $ 385 million. The price has briefly exceeded $ 4.40 last weekend, the highest level in over six months, and the WAVES / BTC trading pair accounted for almost half of all transactions on Binance.

The impressive gains can be largely attributed to the successful financing of the $ 120 million Vostok ICO, conducted within the WAVES ecosystem. Vostok aims to develop a universal commercialized solution to governments that assists the development of a scalable IT infrastructure on a private blockchain. The project plans to conduct a 3% airdrop of all VSTK (System Tokens) Vostok members of the WAVES community.

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