Bitcoin breaks through $ 7000 USD while cryptocurrency markets rise again

After a month of pressure, the cryptocurrency markets seem to have broken a strange property invoked by the US Securities and Exchange Commission's decision to reject (and subsequently reevaluate) several fund proposals traded in Bitcoin.

While mid-August saw a small rally, Bitcoin struggled to exceed $ 6500 USD, while Ethereum was deflated below $ 300 USD.

To date, Bitcoin has pushed over $ 7000 USD to reach $ 7,061.28 USD – while Ethereum flirted with positive earnings to hit $ 293.32 USD at the time of printing.

Leading positions lead the way – Holo climbed 27.31% to reach $ 0.000836 USD, while Bytecoin, MaidSafeCoin and EOS climbed 13.68%, 10.03% and 9 , 93% to reach $ 0.002249 USD, $ 0.276411 USD and $ 5.89 USD, respectively.

A noticeable return to form is Dash, which now rose 9.44% to reach $ 194.16 USD.

Among the cryptocurrencies that suffer losses, Substratum leads the group with a decrease of -7.34, while Aion and VeChain follow closely, recording losses of -5.53% and -4.67% respectively. [19659002] The dominance of Bitcoin is currently around 52.8%, while the total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is currently valued at $ 230,548,537.071 USD.

As our technical analyst Graeme Tennant noted last week, cryptocurrency markets remained stagnant ahead of what looked like imminent volatility – noting a clear reversal signal compared to the $ 5800 USD support zone of Bitcoin.

Our analysis of sentiment, courtesy of Remy Stephens, found that while the sentiment on Bitcoin remained neutral, the altcoin market had taken a bullish term with support for the rank of Basic Attention Token, Wanchain and Bulwark – among other projects.

The US SEC should resume its course and for a verdict on the latest proposal of the Bitcoin ETF by September 30th. More generally, US regulators have announced the continuation of "Operation Cryptosweep" – a joint effort that has probed about 200 ICO companies and cryptocurrencies.

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