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Bitcoin Basher Nouriel Roubini Supports that the feds will also move to Monero (XMR)

Bitcoin Basher Nouriel Roubini Supports that the feds will also move to Monero (XMR)

Dr. Doom he attacked again and we're not talking about Marvel Comics here. Nouriel Roubini, the economist who predicted the 2008 financial crisis (and got the nickname of Dr. Doom for this), recently started attacking his favorite subject lately: the crypto-market.

Anyone on the market for a long time knows that Roubini hates criptos and is very bearish. Now, he again struck by stating that cryptocurrencies are not as anonymous as most people think while retweeting a Coindesk article that talks about how non-private Ethereum is.

The article states that Ethereum is even able to reveal the position of the user. It was published after Peter Szilagyi, a principal developer of the Ethereum Foundation, pointed out that "complex and unpredictable" information can be exposed via the blockchain and that users should be cautious.

Nouriel Roubini he had his chance to do the hair in the criptos, stating that there is no anonymity in the criptos and that they simply are not resistant to censorship. In fact, he says that authorities prefer when people use encrypted ones for illegal activities because it is easier to track them down because the blockchains store all the information in a public ledger.

Banks, on the other hand, protect customers most of the time.

Dr Doom has a track record of Crypto Hate

This is far from the first time Roubini, AKA Dr Doom, showed his hatred towards cryptocurrencies. The man is considerably against cryptocurrencies and is not ashamed to prove it.

While some of his arguments are quite solid, like the fact that, yes, Ethereum is easy to track down if you have the right tools and many people are basically deceived into believing that the cryptographers grant them full anonymity, sometimes it seems to have only come down on piss crypto fans on the internet.

Furthermore, he is having a war with the Ethereum Foundation while comparing Vitalik Buterin, the co-creator of Ethereum and the main public figure of the token, as a dictator when he claimed that the criptos had less decentralization than North Korea.

People were irritated after tweets

Obviously, people were clearly pissed off. It happens every time on the internet. Some people responded to his tweet stating that this is why criptos can be so good against corruption, especially in the public sphere. Others have accused him of having an outdated view of cryptos in which only criminals use it.

There were also traditional comments "he clearly has a sort of agenda" and "educating yourself", and some people claiming that the feds actually want cryptography to succeed and that he misunderstands everything.

Monero will be cracked?

Roubini and his hatred aside, Monero will actually be broken? It shows no proof that this will happen and Monero has a solid technology, so there's certainly a reason to say he's wrong, but it would not be a very sensible position.

Monero is not magical. There is a possibility that it can be cracked and we have seen enough examples that the scrambled are not without their failures. At the end of the day, though, what's the point if you're not doing something that could be considered a crime?

Even if one day Monero broke, you have nothing to worry about unless the government has a reason to chase you like a tax evasion or if you're buying or selling illegal goods. The answer is: do not do it and that's fine.

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