Bitcoin ASIC Miner with 30 THS Power hash?

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How does the Canaan Avalon A9 work at 30 THS Bitcoin ASIC Miner?

We have new information on the next generation of the ASIC miner Avalon A9 Bitcoin. Canaan Creative has provided clues to miners based on 7nm technology and will provide 30 hashes of SSH using 1720 Watts of energy consumption.

This means that Avalon A9 will have very interesting features and proposals to compete in a very difficult market environment. And yes, it already has better features than other recently launched miners like OGM B3 or Innosilicon Terminator 2 Turbo.

Until now, Bitmain has not released any specific solution to compete against Avalon A9, but the market expects the gigantic company to release a product that will have a range of 20 to 30 THS. Until now, Avalon A9 is the most energy-efficient miner in the market. As for the company, the price of the miner will also be very accessible to interested investors.

Another interesting thing to remember is that they will launch a line of televisions – LB4318 that will have embedded ASIC mining chips. The TC set will have a 43-inch panel, a 4K panel and features such as a 26n A3210 16nm mining chip. The TV set will provide 2.8 THS per hashrate and 100 W for THS.

Of course, this is a very interesting and unique product on the market. It has a different purpose and has a built-in mining capability. It will be interesting to see if there is interest in this type of device. The market must test this proposal and let other companies prepare themselves in case they want to enter the market.

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