Bitcoin and Litecoin Rally, Altcoins could soon follow


The last few hours were very bullish for bitcoin and altcoin. BTC / USD gained bullish momentum and broke resistance levels of USD 3,850 and USD 4,000. It is currently (UTC 08:00 AM) positioned in an uptrend and may continue to move higher towards resistance levels of USD 4,150, USD 4,200 and USD 4,400. Ethereum has exceeded the resistance levels of USD 145 and USD 150. The ETH / USD must cross the barrier from 160 USD to 162 USD for an "upward" extension. The price of ripple is gaining strength and has recently broken resistance of 0.370 USD. More importantly, litecoin gathered almost 10% and broke the resistance from 35 USD and 38 USD. The current market sentiment is positive and there may be greater gains in bitcoin and altcoin.

Total market capitalization

Bitcoin and Litecoin Rally, Altcoins could soon follow 101

Bitcoin price

There was a strong upward pressure on bitcoin prices above $ 3,800 and $ 3,850 resistance. The BTC / USD even eliminated the weekly resistance of USD 4000 to move further into a positive zone. In the short term, there may be a downward correction, but the price remains well supported near USD 3.850 and USD 3.650.
On the upside, initial resistance is $ 4,050, beyond which the price could hit the next weekly barrier near the USD 4,250 level. Above this, the price could continue to rise towards USD 4,400.

Ethereum price

The price of Ethereum remained in a bullish trend above the support of USD 140. The ETH / USD broke the resistance of USD 150 and is currently trading in a range.
The price must break the weekly resistance from USD 160 to USD 162 to set the pace for further gains. The next obstacle for buyers is close to the 175 USD level. On the downside, the main media are 145 USD and 140 USD.

Price in cash and Bitcoin ripple

Bitcoin money has gained traction and has moved above the resistance of USD 160, but it seems to be struggling to cancel the resistance levels of USD 165 and USD 170. BCH / USD may correct some points, but the dives remain supported close to the USD 155 and USD 150 levels. Bitcoin SV is trading near the USD 88 – USD 90 zone. A break above the resistance of USD 90 could clear the way for further gains in the near term.
The ripple price has recently gained more than 7% and has broken resistance levels of USD 0.365 and USD 0.370. The XRP / USD may continue to trade higher if buyers push the price above USD 0.375 and USD 0.380.

Other altcoin markets today

During the last few sessions, many small altcoins gained more than 10%, including DEX, BCZERO, DGTX, HOT, BTC, WTC, NEO and DCN. Of these, DEX met close to 100% and BCZERO rose by around 26%.

To sum up, the bitcoin price is showing positive signs above the $ 3,850 rotation level. If BTC / USD accelerates above USD 4,050, the next stop could be 4,200 USD or even 4,400 USD. Likewise, ethereum, ripple and litecoin are probably in preparation for further positive aspects in the next sessions.

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Bitcoin and Litecoin Rally, Altcoins could soon follow 102

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