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Bitcoin and Ethereum stumble, Ripple (XRP) Unshaken

The first two crypto-dogs stumble every day that passes. Some days a peak, other days a significant decline. The last 24 hours are one of the last days with Ethereum losing even 1.48% while Bitcoin drops 0.52%.

On November 12, Bitcoin opened at a promising price of $ 6411.76, mid-day, the bull touched the all-time high of $ 6434.21, expected to topple the resistance level $ 6.450 to $ 6.500, but touched the fund in a few seconds fell to $ 6360.47 and eventually closed at $ 6371.27.

The volume of Bitcoin trade on BitMex the exchange against the USD reached 18.71% and the South Korean won it supported on Coinbit to further fuel its volume reaching 5.49%, with a total trading volume of 4.45 billion dollars.

At the time of publication, the volatility of Bitcoin manages to fall in small units while the volume of trade swells up to reach $ 4.49 billion with a current trading price on the level of $ 6,300. Will Bitcoin shiver much harder and a bearish crisis will arise? The next 24 hours will say.

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Likewise, Ethereum was attracted to the bear market which influenced its trading price up to 1.61%. The etereum was traded yesterday at $ 211.51 and reached a daily historical maximum of $ 212.62. An unexpected minimum of $ 208.92 and struggled to balance its momentum with a closing price of $ 210.42. Today, Ethereum is trading at $ 207.98.

Meanwhile, XRP is tall, fearless and unwavering with an increase of $ 2.77. Ripple open for $ 0.507833 and closed at $ 0.517165 in a 24-hour interval. Trading volume rose from $ 605 million to 667 million. The trade volume against Bitcoin reached 15.41% with the birth of its current trading price of $ 0.519298.

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