Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ATMs arriving in Greece


The ATMs through which you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and hyphens, will multiply in Greece in the coming months.

So far there are four ATMs of this type in Athens and one in Thessaloniki. Reports from the Greek media suggest that cryptocurrency ATMs will operate in other Greek cities in the near future.

Stefanos Getsopoulos, co-founder of Thess Cash Hellas leader in cryptocurrencies, stated that three more ATMs are scheduled to be installed in northern Greece.

The need for ATM for cryptocurrency is driven by cryptocurrency users, some of whom prefer to avoid centralized financial institutions such as banks.

Other users of cryptocurrency are just trying to access the resources linked quickly while on the move, allowing withdrawals in fiat by cryptocurrency balances; which is exactly what cryptocurrency ATMs allow.

A recent report by market research firm MarketsandMarkets states that the global ATM cryptocurrency market will reach $ 144.5 million by 2023. This would be a massive eight-fold increase of $ 16.3 million today.

The expected increase would not be a surprise to many, with the Bitcoin ATM market alone being around $ 6.8 million in the past year according to some estimates. However, it has increased by over 50% in recent months.

The research also highlighted how cryptocurrencies continue to grow, as do the number of ATMs and transactions conducted through them.

Currently, there are 3,650 Bitcoin ATMs in the world. Data extracted from ATM ATM tracing site ATM ATM Radar suggests that approximately 30 ATM bitcoins are installed every week.

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