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Bitcoin Added to Lite.IM to send Cryptocurrencies in Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS


Bitcoin added to Lite.IM to send virtual currencies via Messenger, Telegram and SMS

Lite.IM has decided to add support to Bitcoin (BTC) after announcing that he was working with Litecoin (LTC) in August. With Lite.IM you can send funds all over the world via Telegram, SMS and Facebook Messenger. The main intention is to expand virtual currencies to a larger global population.

It was possible to send funds using the popular virtual currency litecoin. However, the company decided to add support to the largest virtual currency, Bitcoin. The information was released by the company through a blog post a few days ago. Other virtual currencies that have been added to the platform are Ethereum (ETH) and Zulu Republic Token (ZTX).

At the moment, users can access this service with Telegram using @LiteIM_bot, with Facebook Messenger sending a message to @ lite.im and via SMS in the United States and Canada. Interested users can send a text message to 760-LITEIM-0 (760-548-3460).

The official announcement informs that the company is becoming more user-friendly and that it is bringing cryptocurrencies to several billion people around the world.

The company wrote about it:

"With each new update, Lite.IM is increasingly becoming an easy-to-use cryptocurrency center, moving ever further towards widespread adoption.We are proud to bring the world's most popular cryptocurrency to the combined 2.5 billion users. Facebook and Telegram, not to mention all those who do not have reliable Internet access who can now manage Bitcoin via SMS messages. "

According to the blog post, Lite.IM keeps private user data and never stores chat records. At the same time, the private keys of the user are protected with advanced RSA encryption, which allows users to stay safe and know that their virtual currencies are protected.

In the future, the company should release new products to allow users to send and receive virtual currencies. More features will be added in the future, including other virtual currencies and apps.

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