Bitcoin $ 19,070 Ethereum $ 591 Zilliqa $ 0.03. Cryptocurrency Price Prediction – American Wrap

It appears that Bitcoin has definitely decoupled from gold for the first time in years as the correlation coefficient is decreasing rapidly. In November 2018, the price of Bitcoin and the price of gold were inversely correlated, with gold rallying 12% over the next four months, while Bitcoin fell from a high of $ 6,500 to a low of $. 3,228 in just one month.

Ethereum 2.0 becomes the sixth largest proof-of-stake network before its launch on the mainnet

Ethereum 2.0 staking is gaining ground. The dedicated deposit for smart contracts has already received the number of coins needed by developers to start launching Beacon Chain, the critical component of the new version of the Ethereum protocol, also known as Serenity. However, investors continue to pour money into the project even if their coins are frozen indefinitely.

Zilliqa price prediction: ZIL explodes 45% in less than 24 hours aiming for more

On November 24, Zilliqa’s price had a small initial breakout above the parallel channel at $ 0.0251 with a ton of follow-through over the next 24 hours that exploded to a high of $ 0.036 and still aims to hit $ 0.045. .

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