BITBOX Exchange adds support for ICON cryptocurrency currency (ICX)


BITBOX went ahead to add some support for ICON (ICX)

The Line Corporation has just gone on to announce that the ICON, also referred to as ICX, is finally available for exchanges on their exchange of digital goods that call the Bitbox.

In this exchange, ICON can easily be exchanged with Bitcoin. Just to make the new addition to their system official, the BITBOX platform will offer a 50% discount on any of the trading commissions, this is for the ICX / BTC trading pair which runs until November 30th.

ICON has a lot to offer

They have a slogan the & # 39;hyper connect the world, "Which he brought ICON be the leading blockchain developer on the market. But they main goal it is the creation of a decentralized future interconnected for the market. Line Corporation went on to work with the ICON platform in May to help establish a free joint venture.

The partnership has been commissioned to design a token economy platform that will be able to reward users much better than what is offered in the market. In addition, they will develop a number of app services based on blockchain technology that can operate efficiently; they are similar to Wizball and 4CAST.

to have ICON Listed is another result for the Line Corporation in the prospects of building a token economy, which will be able to provide different users with a different variety within the market. The BITBOX company will not stop here, plans to continue adding more digital resources, which will be carried out through the open listing committee and review processes.

Once the project is in place, it will allow several blockchains in the market that have been designed with different government protocols to perform transactions efficiently.

When we look at the markets ICX, has about $ 107.2 million market capitalization; therefore, this makes it the forty-third coin in the encrypted market. Furthermore, it is the 37th largest token found in the AltDex 100 Index; this is a benchmark index that has been designed to exclude foreign and stable currencies in the market.

More on the discount rate

The company will host a three day trading discount rate for the ICX / BTC pair. This will be between November 27 and 30, an event organized by Line Tech Plus Pte Ltd, also named Bitbox.

However, it is important to note that BITBOX still has the rights to reverse the terms by 50% at any time, but if such changes occur, the company will inform and modify the terms and conditions established for the discount event of the 50%.

To participate in the 50% discount event, you must ensure that you are a verified user on the platform, this is done through a verification process via SMS. However, it is essential that you take a few minutes and read the terms of the set event, just to make sure you are not taken aback by any changes.

If you do not reach the service to attend the discount event, Bitbox has the right to refuse to participate in the 50% discount, thus making it essential to read the terms and policies on privacy. In case you wish to withdraw from the event, you can do so at any time.

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