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"Biquiní mountaineer" dies in Taiwan after the autumn in the canyon

solToilet Wu, 36, nicknamed a bikini climber by his supporters, used a satellite phone on Saturday to warn his friends that they had fallen into a gorge in Yushan National Park in Taiwan and had been severely injured.

According to authorities, who found Wu lifeless on Monday, the mountaineer told his friends that he had fallen from a height of 20 to 30 meters and that he could not move the lower body and apparently dead of hypothermia.

Taiwan has many mountains that often exceed three thousand meters. In winter, temperatures drop constantly below freezing.

Gigi Wu is the last case of a series of social networking adventurers who have had a fatal outcome.

In October 2018, the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care reported that about 260 people had died in the world in recent years trying to take a picture of themselves, known as selfie.

The young woman formed a large group of followers, posting self-portraits in bikinis when she reached the top of the mountains, after climbing in hiking clothes.

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