Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng says that my assets are very low, but I'm still very confident in the cryptography industry


At the beginning of Wednesday 19 December 2018, CEO of Binance Zhao Changpeng he had an interview with Bloomber's Blockchain Day break show to discuss the blockchain, the government focuses on the encrypted industry and current market situations.

Binance, one of the largest exchanges of cryptocurrencies that is currently valued at $ 1,097,622,605 as per coinmarketcap, will soon host a "Blockchain Week in Singapore" that will probably discuss why the cryptocurrency industry will still have a future and because few cryptocurrencies are still trusting about Bitcoin and blockchain.

Bitcoin & # 39; s Terrible 2018

Talking about the fluctuations in Bitcoin prices so far in 2018, he said that "this has been an overwhelming year". It does not matter; he embraced the fact that people are still confident in the cryptography industry, so it does not matter. The interview continued to focus on his opinion on the history of the bull in the crypt.

Questioning the impact of the price on the bull-story in the crypt, he said that the price collapses due to speculation. However, he adds that it grows from who starts the good application and adopts long-term cryptocurrencies. He also continued the conversation, stating how the market rose in 2017 and how it reached its historical minimum. CZ stressed;

So there has always been a speculation that causes the price to fluctuate by both upward fluctuation and downward fluctuation. Last year he swung too far and is now facing an overwhelming year.

He thinks that the market can go up – "we do not know if we climb, we hope that it will rise but we are never sure". CZ notes that "the long-term industry is backed by real applications, real cases of cryptocurrency that have led to the point where we are today in terms of prices.

Expansion and setting of new regulations for the mention of milestones

He said that Binance's strategy has not changed at all. Noting the fiat exchange they have launched so far, CZ discusses its plan to launch two of the three FIAT exchanges in the near future. He also said that the 10 other fiat exchanges will be added next year by Binance, citing their new DEX which is a very core blockchain-based exchange with ample freedom.

Seeing the regulatory frameworks on cryptocurrencies in various countries including Hong Kong, Australia, Italy as reported by Coingape, CZ explains the need for clarity of cryptocurrency laws. He said that

We want clarity. There are still too many uncertainties in too many countries in the world regarding the regulation of the cryptocurrency sector. We want clarity and common sense in matters of regulation, regulations that promote innovation and nothing that cuddles innovation.

His assets are definitely down but he is safe

Reportedly, the CEO of Binnace had invested millions of dollars in crypts at the start of this year, which are currently declining due to the market crash. With this, he said he was in this current situation before and still confident that the industry will support.


The CEO of Binance Zhao Changpeng is still

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Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng is still "very confident" in the cryptography industry


At the beginning of Wednesday, December 19, 2018, Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng had an interview with the Blockchain Day break to discuss the blockchain, the government focuses on the encrypted industry and current market situations.



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