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Binance adds new trading pairs for Litecoin [LTC] and Tron [TRX], Okex launches new fiat pairs

The largest exchange of cryptocurrencies in the world, Binance, has added new trading pairs for both Litecoin and Tron. The news was announced on the page of the official Binance blog. The new trading pairs are based on stable currencies.

The new trading pairs are,


  1. LTC / TUSD (Litecoin / True USD)
  2. LTC / PAX (Litecoin / Paxos Standard)
  3. LTC / USDC (Litecoin / USD Center)


  1. TRX / PAX (Tron / Paxos standard)
  2. TRX / USDC (Tron / USD center)

The new trading pairs will be live on Binance on January 24, 2019, 10:00 AM (UTC). The most stable pairs of coins are a continuous effort from the best exchanges in the world to remove the dependence on USDT (Tether), controlled by Bitfinex and which has many concerns about its stability.

OkEx adds new fiat pairs

The second largest stock exchange in the world, OkEx, adds new card pairs to the OTC trading desk. The two new pairs are British Pound (GBP) and Thai Bhat (THB). OkEx currently supports the USD, VND (Vietnamese Dong), Chinese Renminbi (CNY) and cryptocurrency markets.

The new cryptocurrency pairs support BTC, USDT, ETH and LTC on the cryptocurrency side.

"Our mission is simple on OKEx, our goal is to offer flexibility and convenience to our traders. Thailand and the United Kingdom has the fastest growing cryptic communities in the world. We see great potential in these two markets and we want to support the needs in this field. Due to the increasing volume of trade and the number of operators in these two countries, we have decided to launch the new trading services of THB and GBP on our OTC trading platform. Wherever we find the market potential, we will expand up to there. In 2019, it can be expected that more currencies will be supported on OKEx, "he said Andy Cheung, Head of OKEx Operations, in a press release.

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