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Bill Allder joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as the new head of business development

Bill Allder was recently appointed Head of Sales Development and Sales Manager for the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). Its role will be to increase the EEA's global footprint and promote the growth of their global membership. His position in the company will be immediately effective.

Allder will help EEA expand further

Bill Allder has over ten years of industry experience and knowledge that he could use to bring better business development strategies and EEA sales strategies. His curriculum for sales development for global alliances is exemplary. His presence will be useful for expanding EEA membership around the world and solving challenges.

His experience includes sales strategy, adherence to marketing, events and management of the association. Prior to joining AEA, he worked as a director for the US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF), where he helped increase growth in existing markets and worked to build stronger relationships among members. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Tech before becoming an Executive Executive (CAE).

EEA is happy to have Bill

The Executive Director of AEA, Ron Resnick, said the team is pleased to welcome Bill Alder to the Alliance. He noticed:

"The task of Bill is in response to the growing worldwide demand for the EEA to step up and expand its work in the blockchain enterprise.Its leadership will be instrumental in EEA's growth efforts, orchestrating the activities of its nearly 20 industry-based user groups and promoting the collaboration of members from every region of the world. "

Allder also commented on his new role in AEA saying he does not look forward to allowing more industries and companies to take advantage of alliance practices and standards. He said he will focus on working with "exceptional EEA talent team"To exploit momentum and take advantage of opportunities in this space." He said:

"I look forward to getting in touch with non-member members and companies to better understand their needs and help them take advantage of the EEA standards approach."

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is the largest open source blockchain initiative in the world that connects large companies, startups and academics on a common platform. Leading members include Accenture, Santander, Bancor, Cisco, CME Group, HCL and others.




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