Biden with one foot in the White House after leading Georgia and Pennsylvania


Democrat Joe Biden was on the verge of winning the presidency on Friday when he opened up small clues about President Donald Trump in the critical battlefields of Georgia and Pennsylvania.

The focus on Pennsylvania, where Biden led Trump with over 9,000 votes, and Georgia, where Biden drove over 1,500, came after the zero vote count that Trump managed to stop Wednesday afternoon after filing a lawsuit. .

On Thursday, Donald Trump filed baseless allegations of election fraud to falsely claim that his rival was trying to seize power in an extraordinary effort by an incumbent U.S. president to question the democratic process.

“This is a case where they’re trying to steal an election, they’re trying to rig an election,” Trump said from the podium in the White House meeting room.

The president pledged on Friday in a statement to take forward the challenges “in all aspects of the law,” but also suggested that his battle “is no longer a one-off election.” Biden spent Thursday trying to ease tensions and project a more traditional image of presidential leadership. After participating in an information session on the coronavirus, he declared that “every ballot must be counted”.

“I ask everyone to stay calm. The process is working, “Biden said.” It’s the will of the voters. Nobody, nobody else to elect the president of the United States of America. “

Trump showed no signs of giving up and was back on Twitter at around 2:30 am on Friday, insisting that “America” ​​The Supreme Court should decide! “

Republicans divided

Trump’s erroneous claims about election integrity have challenged Republicans now in the face of a decision to break with a president who, although his grip on his office had tightened, has garnered skyrocketing approval ratings from rank and file members of the Republican Party. . This was especially true for those considering their presidential career in 2024.

Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan, a potential presidential wannabe who has frequently criticized Trump, said unequivocally, “There is no defense for the president’s comments tonight that undermine our democratic process. The United States is counting the votes and we must respect the results as we have always done before. “

But others were rumored to be considering a White House run in four years in a row with the incumbent president, including Senator Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, who tweeted his support for Trump’s claims, writing that “If the last 24 hours they clarified something, is that we need new electoral integrity laws NOW.

Trump’s campaign engaged in a flurry of legal activity, saying he would ask for a recount in Wisconsin and that he had filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.

But the judges of all three states quickly took legal action. Instead, a federal judge who was asked to stop counting the votes in Philadelphia forced the two sides to reach an agreement without an order on the number of observers allowed.

“Really, can’t we just be responsible adults here and come to terms?” US District Judge Paul S. Diamond said in exasperation during an emergency hearing Thursday night. “The whole thing may (soon) be moot.”

In Pennsylvania, officials weren’t allowed to process ballot papers until election day under state law, and those votes were strongly in Biden’s favor.

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