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Bexplus Trader Expert Sharing: which investments in Bitcoin can generate profits?


At this time last year, Bitcoin was reaching its high price all-time. However, all of the past year, its price has decreased by 80% since then. The speculators or investors of BTC do not seem to tire of the "disruptive" price drop. And many people who have been lost between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, jump into the cryptic world, expecting to make a fortune when it reaches the previous levels. But the story goes only in the opposite direction. So is it possible to profit from the BTC investment? In the next part, we will explore 3 types of profitable BTC investment.

Measure 3 common types of BTC investment

  1. Invest in BTC Spot and wait for the appreciation

Bitcoin spot trading could be the first type of transaction that most investors will opt for entry into the cryptocurrency zone. Investors can buy BTC directly with fiat coins. The only way to make money with the BTC commercial is to wait for its price to rise. If you are not a BTC supporter and are willing to wait for its appreciation over several years, you should switch to another type of investment.

  1. Change BTC to USDT and earn the spread

The USDT is the cryptocurrency version of the US dollar and also considered a stable cryptocurrency. In general, when the BTC, as well as other cryptocurrencies, decrease, the USDT can do the opposite and increase slightly. Therefore, when the BTC market is about to fall, investors will exchange BTC in USDT to earn the spread.

  1. Make two-way profits with BTC futures contracts

Unlike the previous two types of investment, forward trading on BTC allows investors to make a profit from both BTC prices up and down. What you should do is to predict that the BTC trend will be upward or downward in the near future. It also provides X times the lever, which means that even if you actually have a small amount of BTC, you can also open a bigger position. It does not matter at what price the investment starts, if you choose the right direction, you can have a chance to make big profits.

Which Bitcoin investment is profitable based on the current trend?

Given that BTC continues to fall repeatedly and mildly without major outbreaks, it is obvious to note that the first two investments are not smart options. But with BTC futures trading, as long as there is a price fluctuation, there is an opportunity to profit from it.

Bexplus is a very popular cryptanalute futures exchange that offers perpetual contracts with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin with 100x leverage. Founded at the end of 2017, Bexplus has completed tens of millions of dollars in fundraising and dollar financing, which guarantees the solid foundation and long-term development of the Bexplus exchange platform. It also supports 15 languages ​​and covers 26 countries and regions all over the world.

BTC, ETH and LTC perpetual agreement which means you can open or close an order whenever you want. You can decide to extend (assuming a price increase) or a short (assuming a lower price) such as BTC, ETH or LTC based on your analysis. For example, with the addition of the 100x lever, you can use 1 BTC to enter a transaction of 100 BTC. If the price rises or falls by 1%, you can get a 100% profit. Furthermore, stop-profit and stop-loss can be set up to control risks.

If Bitcoin takes off in 2019 or less, you can choose to invest the BTC futures contract and make a profit. If you have not yet negotiated futures, you can try it in the Bexplus trading simulator.

Deposit activity to earn 50% of free BTC bonus

To deposit BTC in the Bexplus account, you can earn a 50% BTC bonus, which can also be used to trade futures and withdrawn contracts. The more deposits, the more bonuses you will get!

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Invite friends to join and earn a 30% commission

Invite your friends to register and trade on Bexplus, you can share the transaction fee of 30% of your guests as a commission. In addition, both you and our guests can take advantage of 10% discount on the cost of the service.

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Register with the invitation code PCDfB to take advantage of the 10% charge fee.

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