Best Smart TVs 65 inch or larger to hang on the wall


For starters, while it’s true that most current Smart TVs have dimensions where thinness is their great exponent, you need to know how to choose the thinnest models. Not for nothing in particular, but because aesthetically a smart television that does not protrude excessively from the wall will do better. And in this case OLED technology is the clear winner.

Sony OLED Smart TV

Smart OLED TVs are the best to hang

The reason why TVs with OLED panels are thinner has a very simple reason: they just don’t need a light source, as the diodes turn on independently.

In any case, although in our compilation with the best options to consider if you are looking for a 65-inch or larger TV to hang on the wall, you will see a good number of OLED options, there are also some models with an LCD screen that boasts a thickness very content.

So, you have to take the second most important element into consideration when choosing a big screen TV to hang on the wall. And this is where the VESA standard comes into play.

They must be compatible with the VESA standard

Let’s assume that VESA is a pattern of holes that vary their position depending on the size and weight of a Smart TV. In this way they adapt to any type of television. The best? What Any TV with a VESA mount can be easily hung on the wall.

And this is why this element is particularly important when choosing a smart TV. Rest assured, all the models we have selected for you have VESA support. More than anything else because, even today, there are models that use their own design to hang them on the wall, making it very difficult to find a suitable support.

Front view

On the other hand, with the templates we have selected you will only have to know the file VESA standard they use (put it in the instruction manual or you can measure the distance between the screw holes) in order to hang them on the wall. Now, you just have to keep in mind that these TVs with such large screens tend to weigh a lot more than a medium-sized one.

For this reason, If you are planning to hang a 65-inch or larger Smart TV on the wall, first make sure that the wall on which you will install your TV has the capacity to withstand such heavy weight. And on the other hand, don’t skimp on buying cheap support. Better to buy a more vitaminized model but this guarantees you that you will not find your brand new TV lying on the ground when you least expect it. Without further ado, let’s see the best options to consider.


Side view of LG OLED55C9PLA Smart TV

Let’s start this compilation with what many consider to be the best OLED Smart TV on the market. The LG C9 is her great crown jewel, a model that it can be upgraded to enjoy the benefits of HDMI 2.1, as well as having all kinds of technologies, such as VRR, so you can enjoy an amazing experience when playing with a console.

Panasonic GZ950E

Panasonic SC-HTB510EGK

Secondly, we have a Panasonic OLED TV that will meet the needs of the most refined users. To start, the panel was calibrated by image experts in Hollywood, so the image quality is more than guaranteed. Add all kinds of technologies to it, including support for HDR Dolby Visionand you have a round product.

Philips 65OLED854 / 12

philips front smart tv

Another of the great references when buying Smart OLED TV, it’s Philips. The Dutch manufacturer has a catalog of height solutions and this Philips 65OLED854 / 12 is one of its great exponents. And the fact that it has three-point Ambilight technology guarantees an immersive feeling that will surprise you.


you are a smart TV

This model is only a notch below the C9, but it is still a high-quality OLED Smart TV and guarantees excellent picture quality thanks to the Technicolor Advanced HDR technology.

Philips 65OLED754 / 12 TV

Smart OLED TV from the side

And what about this other OLED model from Philips. The OLED754 / 12 is a product that boasts excellent image quality, in addition to Three-point Ambilight and HDR support for major standards.



We could not miss the opportunity to recommend this CX model from LG. Another OLED TV with outstanding picture quality, Intelligent α9 Gen3 processor and integrated HDMI 2.1, making it perfect for use with Xbox Series X or PS5.


LG OLED65E8 front smart TV

The latest OLED model we will recommend is the Korean manufacturer’s E8. A model that boasts a very noticeable thinness (it is only 5.18 cm thick) so you can hang it wherever you want in the most comfortable way.

Samsung QLED 4K 2020 75Q70T

Samsung QLED 4K 2020 75Q70T

We changed technology to bet on this Samsung QLED solution. Let’s assume that the 75-inch Q70T has support for the VESA standard, so you’ll find a suitable stand to be able to hang this gigantic TV very comfortably. Take advantage of your panel technology for enjoy the ambient mode, with which you can blend the TV with the wall to be the envy of your visitors.

TCL 65DC762

TCL 65DC762

TCL is a manufacturer that has carved out a niche in the industry in record time. How did you do? Well, presenting a catalog of televisions with an excellent quality / price ratio. Like this 65-inch model, which also stands out for having a JBL signed soundbar and a Chromecast inside so you can send your phone screen to TV very easily.

Samsung Crystal UHD 2020 75TU8005

Smart TV 75TU8005

We close this compilation with the Samsung Crystal UHD 2020 75TU8005, a TV with a gigantic 75-inch diagonal to make you live a unique experience. And forget about buying a projector!

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