Best golf shot ever? Jon Rahm amazes in training with a spectacular hole-in-one


Incomprehensible! Are we seeing the craziest hole of all time?

During training before the Augusta Masters (starting November 12), current world number two Jon Rahm, Spaniard, managed one of the most spectacular shots in golf history.


Before the start of the US Masters in Augusta, favorite partner Jon Rahm shows a golf swing as if he came from another planet while training and fascinates golf enthusiasts from all over the planet.

During the training round before the US Masters start on Thursday, current world number 2 Jon Rahm wows the world of golf with a shot of extra class. On the 16th hole, the Spaniard lets the golf ball “slide” across the pond as if by magic – the ball hits the surface of the water several times – before sliding onto the green for about 17 seconds and finally falling into the hole.

Golf enthusiasts on the net hardly understand each other: “A magic shot!”, Writes a user on Twitter. Or: “The greatest sporting act since the invention of cameras”.

Rahm himself, who on Tuesday celebrates his 26th birthday of all time, comments on his Twitter channel: “Second hole-in-one in two days. Happy Birthday to me. “Incidentally, it is a tradition at the US Masters to blow the ball over the lake during training on the 16th hole.

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