Belarus is looking for South Korean investors interested in Blockchain and Fintech

Belarusian diplomats are seeking South Korean investors for the country's growing blockchain and fintech industry, Korea JoongAng Daily reported on September 6th.

During a visit to Seoul on Tuesday, Belarusian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Dapkiunas said that Belarus's efforts to establish relations with Korean investors interested in the "fourth industrial revolution" technologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) .

In an interview with Korea JoongAng Daily, Dapkiunas noted that Belarus has developed "revolutionary state legislation" in the IT sector and said that the country is "making giant strides on blockchain, cryptocurrency, development start-up and software production ".

The two countries have consolidated trade relations. South Korea's exports to Belarus include IT products, electronics, vehicles and construction equipment, while Belarus supplies potassium, semiconductor, optical and laser fertilizers. Dapkiunas said that "there is much more potential for mutual interest between Belarus and Korea and we believe that this potential is not fully realized". He added:

"We believe there is significant potential for mutually beneficial cooperation in areas such as aerospace, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, electric and self-guided vehicles, robotics and electronics. , nanomaterials and the digital economy. "

Belarus has clearly defined its position towards the digitization of the economy in May, when the Minister of Telecommunications and Informatization Sergey Popkov said that digital technology is considered an absolute priority thanks to its ability to transform "the economy, public administration and social services".

In a separate statement, the president of the Belarusian House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko revealed that the country was developing a resolution to promote the digital economy for a session of the Bly Parliamentary Assem Stock of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe.

In March, Belarus officially introduced cryptocurrency accounting standards. A document issued by the Ministry of Finance has defined the necessary information on tokens for accounting purposes and on how to classify tokens received on the basis of their use.

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