Behind the smiles: Maria Cerqueira Gomes reveals problems with Goucha. The saddest […] it was, it complicated my life – National


The more the audience of “You on TV” decreased, the greater the discomfort Manuel Luís Goucha in the room with Maria Cerqueira Gomes, but now the presenter confirms problems with TVI’s morning partner.
Manel hasn’t always helped and he knows it too. It hasn’t always helped and it’s natural, I can see why. It was a very difficult year for me, but it was a much more difficult year for Manel, “said Maria, 37, in conversation with Cristina Ferreira. Maria guarantees that she” noticed “when Goucha was hit by the war public “.And the more sad, angry, bewildered he was, without knowing the direction, the more he complicated my life, because he was more excited. And I noticed it in the air“. Despite the problems during the programs, Goucha and Maria never got it right.” Manel never openly told me he was wrong. Within the day. I know it was a whole process for everyone. I think for all three. I was able to start reading it. I know exactly when he had a better or worse day. I know exactly when he comes out of a courtroom and I know how he gets there. You don’t need to say anything more, “he explained.

For Maria, the difficulty seemed to be finding her place. “I was in a position: ‘This program is hers and it has always been hers.’ It’s very difficult. It was one of the biggest difficulties I’ve had. I’m not like you. [Cristina]. Sometimes it is necessary to enter points in ii. I don’t have that shape. That program had been hers forever. Who put a brat in her shoes? I was too afraid to speak, to impose myself. I was very used to having my own space, because I’ve always done television by myself, “she said.

Maria Cerqueira Gomes spent a year and a half as Goucha’s partner on ‘Você na TV’, but ended up returning to Porto just before the new coronavirus pandemic was declared. After that, it did not return to its previous place.

The magical weekend of Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Goucha


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