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Entertainment balance sheet for Thursday 17 January 2019

Updated at 16:00 EST (2100 UTC).


^ The film & # 39; Brexit & # 39; of HBO is a current title of today <

^ TV-BREXIT: LA- <The future of Brexit is in doubt, but "Brexit" the film is already here.

A few days after the House of Commons rejected the agreement negotiated by Prime Minister Theresa May with a historical margin, sending Britain further into political chaos, "Brexit" arrives, a HBO film starring Benedict Cumberbatch on the referendum of 2016 in which the voters decided to leave Europe Union.

The film, which airs on Saturday, does not focus on characters known as May, its predecessor David Cameron or the famous Brexit supporter Boris Johnson, but on Dominic Cummings (Cumberbatch), who as director of the Vote Leave campaign used the data to identify and target millions of inactive voters with the simple message "regain control" and eventually marked one of the biggest political upheavals in recent memory – one that many see as an omen of President Trump's triumph a few months later.

1400 of Meredith Blake. MOVED

^ The "Hamilton" actors from Puerto Rico talk about a musical with a mission and the work of impressing Lin-Manuel Miranda <

^ STAGE-HAMILTON-PUERTORICO: LA- <Donald Webber Jr. did not take long to listen to the difficulties suffered by the inhabitants of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Mary, the monstrous storm that devastated the island towards the end of 2017.

The taxi driver who took the actor at the San Juan airport told Webber that he and his family had lived without energy for more than seven months and had to travel miles every day just to get water .

"He really puts things in perspective on why we're here, and on the importance of being here," Webber said in the afternoon before taking the stage as Aaron Burr in the inauguration of "Hamilton" in Puerto Rico. The creator of the musical, Lin-Manuel Miranda, brought his success to San Juan for a three-week run, and the producers said that 100% of the profits – expected $ 15 million – will go to relief efforts on the scene. ;island.

700 by Jessica Gelt. MOVED

^ Cardi B slams Trump: "Our country is in hell now" <

^ MUS-CARDIB-TRUMP: LA- <Rapper Cardi B had a simple message for his nearly 40 million Instagram followers on Wednesday afternoon.

The short version, minus the F bombs: "Our country is in a hellhole now, all for a wall and we really need to take this seriously."

The reason, according to Cardi? President Trump.

In a concise video full of rude witticisms and shocking words, he hurled himself against the closure of the government and the role of the president in federal employees who had to work without pay.

250 by Randall Roberts. MOVED

^ Review of a movie: "Close" full of cheap chills <

^ CLOSE-MOVIE-REVIEW: MCT- <Noomi Rapace is the original girl with the dragon tattoo, having originated the role in the Swedish film trilogy. She balances a Scandinavian refinement with savage grace, and her supple, compact physicality makes her one of the most naturally naturalistic female acting actresses. She should be a big star. But lately, he has applied his talents to generic action films of B-movies that are otherwise irrelevant, although his presence always raises the process. The new Netflix film "Close", directed by Vicky Jewson, is no different.

500 of Katie Walsh. (Transfer to East 17:00 due to an embargo.) To be added to our email review list of embargoed films, send an e-mail to tcanews@tribpub.com.)

^ Magazine & Glass: the story of M. Night Shyamalan, mostly compelling but often stupid <

^ GLASS-MOVIE-REVIEW: ND- <Twenty years later, the myths of superheroes are the main point of any pop-cultural diet. You might think that Shyamalan's attempt to continue the story of "Unbreakable" with his new film, "Glass", feels outdated or obvious. Surprisingly, it's not like that. "Glass" is not a completely successful film; it's mostly compelling but often a little stupid. However, Shyamalan's original view of the superheroes in an everyday world remains compelling and attractive.

400 by Rafer Guzm n. MOVED

^ Magazine "Cold War": in post-war Europe, a sexy and condemned affair to remember <

^ COLDWAR-MOVIE-REVIEW: TB- <At some point in the wonderfully fatalistic love story "Cold War", the pianist and composer Wiktor and the singer Zula are alone in a Parisian disco in 1957, dancing on the old song by Louis Jordan "Is You Is or You're Not My Son." This same question hangs over these two Polish exiles long after the music stops. Their misunderstood relationship lasts 15 years and several countries in post-war Europe, and the "cold war" is fueled by their connection and by all the missing connections that meander through their common history.

800 by Michael Phillips. MOVED

^ MOVIE-CAPSULES: PHI- <movie capsule reviews

^ Stephen Malkmus is still enigmatic, but with a big heart <

^ MUS-MALKMUS: TB- <Somehow Stephen Malkmus managed to throw a sarcastic complaint on too many cycle paths in a poignant song about Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old African-American man who died after breaking his head while he was in a police transport vehicle. Gray's death has caused a civil rights investigation and heavy protests in his hometown of Baltimore throughout 2015. It is a poetic connection typically uncertain by the former Pavement frontman – juxtaposing the themes of life, of death, racism and the power of a community with cycling – access to the problems of another.

900 by Steve Knopper. MOVED

^ Stephen Colbert disputes the "woken up" announcement by Gillette on toxic masculinity <

^ TV-COLBERT-GILLETTE-AD: LA- <Stephen Colbert has targeted both the announcement of Gillette's male toxicity that became viral and one of his right-wing critics in Wednesday's "The Late Show."

"There's a controversy in the advertising world, folks," CBS host started. "Gillette is attracting fire to an advertising spot # MeToo that challenges 'toxic masculinity'. Wow, it seems to be in the vanguard."

300 of Nardine Saad. MOVED

^ Review: In "Butterfly", gender identity is at the center of Hulu's new family drama <

^ VID-BUTTERFLY-REVIEW: LA – <"Butterfly," a British production that premiered Friday on Hulu, is a drama about gender identity in young people, challenging and emotionally realistic – well, really, just a particular young person, 12-year-old Max Duffy (Callum Booth-Ford) from Manchester, who would like to be known as Maxine.

There is a conflict ahead, of course, but this is not a severe and sentimental exercise in which the misunderstood subject ends sadly as the survivors snatch their governments and strive for never having listened, really listened, and then kicked out to the country to dedicate a tree. Nor is it the one in which complicated things are made to appear simple. Change is possible, but not easy.

850 by Robert Lloyd. MOVED

^ Review of Star Trek: Discovery: the second season is much more fun and energetic than the first <

^ VID-STARTREK-DISCOVERY-REVIEW: ND- <The Discovery starship has a rendez-vous with a particularly famous cousin, the USS Enterprise, which has been away from the other side of the universe while the Federation was fighting against the Klingons. Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount, "Hell on Wheels") seeks permission to get on board. He temporarily assumes command of the ship due to an imminent and mysterious threat to the star fleet.

^ Judith Light goes dark for "Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story" <

^ TV-NELLIEBLY-STORY-LIGHT: MCT- <Judith Light played a variety of characters – some good, some bad – from her arrival in the daytime drama "One Life to Live" in 1977. It's hard for any actor who has I did a lot of work during the day as Light for not having to look at the dark side of a character.

With her role as Matron Grady in the original Lifetime TV film "Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story", the light was presented with one of the darkest characters she faced.

800 by Rick Bentley in Los Angeles. MOVED

^ Christina Ricci's research for previous roles includes "Nellie Bly" <

^ TV-NELLIEBLY-STORY-RICCI: MCT- <The way in which Christina Ricci has selected acting roles over the last four years is very different from what she had been before. His perspective changed when his son was born in 2014.

"Now that I have a child, it is very important to me that the legacy I leave for him is one that he can be proud of – this is the great influence my son has had on me," says Ricci. "I understand what I do really important and that I should face every choice knowing that it will be important."

Along these lines, Ricci stars in the Lifetime film "Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story", which will debut on the cable channel on Saturday.

750 by Rick Bentley in Los Angeles. MOVED

^ TV QUESTIONS: MCT- <Television Questions and Answers: why is "Suzy Snowflake" never displayed?

650 by Rich Heldenfels. MOVED

^ VID-NEWONDVD: MCT- <New DVD: "First Man", "Here and Now"

750 by Rick Bentley. MOVED

^ TV-REMOTE-ADV20: CC- <Around the remote control: Chuck Barney's TV and the streaming choices for 20-26 January

500 by Chuck Barney. MOVED

^ POKER-ADV: TB- <Sunday release-Poker column.

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