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Entertainment budget for Friday, January 18, 2019

Updated at midday ET (1700 UTC).

^ Write the modern rom-com: how the creators of & # 39; Is not It Romantic & # 39; they twisted the tropes both to satirize and to satisfy <

^ MOVIE-ISNT-IT-ROMANTIC: LA- <When Ariana Grande picked up the music video for her single "Thank U, Next" in November, she broke the YouTube record for most of the 24-hour views. Of course, the musician has made gossip references to his ex-boyfriends in the song, but what made the video so popular were his cheeky tributes to romantic comedies. He grew up loving – movies like "13 Going on 30" and "Legally Blonde" . "

His timing could not have been better. In 2018, the rom-com was back on the big side, with "Crazy Rich Asians" which grossed over $ 238 million worldwide at the box office and films like Netflix "Set It Up" and "To All the Boys I & # 39 ; ve Ioved Before "" become viral.

And now, on this Valentine's Day, Warner Bros. is releasing "Is not It Romantic" – a rom-com that is skewers that celebrates the genre. The film, starring Rebel Wilson, opens with a scene of a girl planted in front of a television that looks "Pretty Woman". His mother sits on the couch, looking disdainfully, while advising her daughter not to buy in the imagination.

1700 by Amy Kaufman. MOVED

^ Why the director of & Wonder Woman & # 39; Patty Jenkins is back on TV for LA's noir I Am the Night & # 39; <

^ TV-NIGHT-JENKINS: LA – <"Some stories that can not be told," one journalist warns darkly another about drinks in one of the first scenes in the TNT series "I Am the Night", which will debut on January 28th. "Some stories I'll eat you alive."

It is the kind of hard-boiled dialogue that has helped establish a tradition of L.A. noir which includes Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy. As imagined by Patty Jenkins, director of "Wonder Woman", this miniseries continues that heritage with a new irresistible angle in the 1949 killing of a woman who became known as Black Dahlia.

"This [story] it really rocked me, "says Jenkins, who directed all six episodes of" I Am the Night "before starting work on the sequel-in-waiting sequel-winning sequel," Wonder Woman 1984 "." In fact, I really believe this is the truth of what happened. "

1200 by Chris Barton in Los Angeles. MOVED

^ The concert of the comedy San Jose by Louis C.K. stirs protests, complaints and violence <

^ LOUIS-CK: LA- <Louis C.K. he brought his bully and controversial comedy act on the west coast, and it is already causing much sensation.

The fighting comedian, who faced a series of charges of sexual misconduct in 2017, took the stage of the Improv Comedy Club in San Jose on Wednesday for the first of three sold-out performances. (He had to come back Thursday).

The shows are the first to show it as a real headliner announced after its fall from grace; previously he appeared and surprised the audience in the East Coast cabaret clubs.

^ The Effect 'Rome & # 39;: 5 films that reimagine large cities on screen <

^ MOVIE-ROMA-CITY-DESIGN: TB- <When directors make films set in a specific world capital, they draw from their memories and impressions of that city. It is urban planning, more a bit of poetry. Often a director films on the spot; at other times, a production design team manufactures from scratch a corner or a neighborhood, very far from reality.

This brings us to "Rome", the drama of the director Alfonso Cuaron that now flows on Netflix and plays a handful of theaters.

Shot at 65 mm in black and white, set in 1970 and 1971 in and around Mexico City, "Rome" is a work of annoying visual details, largely inspired by Cuaron's childhood home in the district of Colonia Roma in Mexico City.

1000 by Michael Phillips. MOVED

^ The masterpiece of an oppressed woman by Jacques Rivette in 1966 speaks to the present <

^ REVIEW OF MOVIE-LA-RELIGIEUSE: LA- <1964 The film by Jacques Rivette, "La Religieuse (The Nun)", could be one of the biggest prison films ever made and certainly one of the most controversial. Prison is a Catholic convent, and the inmate we are following is Suzanne Simonin (Anna Karina), a young woman who takes vows against her will.

For the rest of his short life of challenge he will be brutalized by a repressive order that exists primarily to serve the whims of a corrupt aristocracy, the camera that captures every tribulation with a rigorous solemnity that nevertheless burns with rage and compassion.

900 by Justin Chang. MOVED

^ EZI goes from Nickelodeon's star to music <

^ MUS-ZYNN: ND- <Esther Zynn was looking for shoes.

Nickelodeon's show, a Long Island native, "The Other Kingdom" was finished, although it was already more interested in music. He was working on new songs and was checking the windows, including one where he briefly met the shoe magnate Steve Madden, who he heard was launching a label.

But the day that changed his life, Zynn was looking for shoes in Madden's shop in SoHo. He had tried a couple when he heard a voice behind her saying, "Those shoes are fine with you."

When he turned, he saw that it was Madden who was visiting his shop.

800 of Glenn Gamboa. MOVED

^ New albums: James Blake; Maggie Rogers <

^ MUS-ROCKDISCS: ND- <James Blake's first three albums combined rough and emotional lyrics with replacement electronic backgrounds to create a new EDM hybrid that also influenced hip-hop and indie rock .

In his new album "Assume Form" (Republic), Blake takes everything he has learned over the years, even from high-profile collaborations with Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, and applies it to a variety of love songs . The topic seems appropriate considering her relationship with the actress of "The Good Place" Jameela Jamil, but her approach is not all hot and confusing.

550 by Glenn Gamboa. MOVED

^ MUS-BLUEGRASS: OW- <Reviews of bluegrass music versions.

250 by Keith Lawrence. MOVED

^ Caroline Rhea has all the time for "Sydney to the Max" <

^ TV-SYDNEY-TO-THE-MAX: MCT- <The 90s were good for Caroline Rhea. It was then that the Canadian actress-actress not only found her way into the comedy circuit, but it was also the decade when she got a role in the network comedy "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" in 1996. That series left a such a positive and a lasting impression on a generation that Rhea is still called Aunt Hilda by people on the street.

And now, the years are well again. In the new Disney Channel series "Sydney to the Max",

800 by Rick Bentley. MOVED

^ Review: "Fyre" by Netflix gives an intimate look at everything that went wrong with the Fyre Festival <

^ VID-FYRE-REVIEW: LA- <It was announced as "the cultural experience of the decade", and it was – simply not in the way someone predicted.

As detailed by director Chris Smith in the compulsively watchable documentary "Fyre: The Biggest Party That Never Happened", what started out as "Coachella in the Caribbean" ended up as a mere chaos that reminded participants "a scene of a film of horror "".

The wreck of the Fyre Festival of 2017 was so compelling that this documentary, which opens simultaneously in cinemas and on Netflix, is published in the same week as another doc on the same subject, which plays on Hulu.

700 by Kenneth Turan. MOVED

^ TV QUESTIONS: MCT- <Television Questions and Answers: why is "Suzy Snowflake" never displayed?

650 by Rich Heldenfels. MOVED

^ VID-NEWONDVD: MCT- <New DVD: "First Man", "Here and Now"

750 by Rick Bentley. MOVED

^ TV-REMOTE-ADV20: CC- <Around the remote control: Chuck Barney's TV and the streaming choices for 20-26 January

500 by Chuck Barney. MOVED

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