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Bay in Spain: Granit delays Julen's rescue again

The Julen rescue plan, which is two years old, should end in 20 hours. Rescuers hope for a sign of life.

For a week, Julen (2) is stuck in a tree. The hope of recovering the boy is diminishing. A slate boulder has delayed drilling massively (Blick reported). Now the rescuers are halfway to the Jack: 30 out of 60 meters are over – there he suspects his position.

From there, two tunnels must be drilled parallel to the well and stabilized with iron pipes. Now comes the next obstacle: a hard rock has delayed the recovery operation again.

The helpers do everything that is humanly possible

"We met five meters of granite," regional Andalucian president Juanma Moreno said on Sunday. Moreno stressed that the helpers did "all that is humanly possible" to penetrate the little Julen, but they always encountered problems.

The tree must be drilled for about 60 meters in the depth, after which the helpers must dig a horizontal tunnel by hand to the well in which the two-year-old child had fallen.

Nobody knows if Julen is still alive

The video recording from the well shows that it is clogged with earth at the end. Experts say it will let the air flow so that the boy can breathe. Rescuers do not give up hope and expect a sign of life. However, nobody knows if Julen is still alive. According to reports from the Spanish media, Julen's parents had already lost their first child in 2017, who died of a heart defect.

The two-year-old Julen, according to his father José Roselló, fell into the ditch near the Andalusian municipality of Totalán on Sunday while his parents had a picnic nearby. The 107-meter-deep exploration shaft with a diameter of only 25 centimeters had been punctured in the search for water in December, according to local media reports. As a result, the hole has not been fixed. (SZM / SDA)

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