Bauer sucht Frau (RTL): Denise kicks out Till Adam – says goodbye with bad saying


Organic farmer Denise made a tough decision at “Farmer Seeks Wife” and sent Till Adam home – but he leaves her with a bad saying.

Höxter – Till Adam’s never-ending journey through German reality TV has come to an end. Organic farmer Denise sent the candidate home on “Bauer sucht Frau *” (RTL) and decided to Sascha. But Till didn’t leave Denise’s farm without letting go of a bad saying, like * reported.

There had already been talk of a fake in advance. Why does anyone take part in “Bauer sucht Frau” who has already participated in Love Island, Temptation Island and Bachelorette? The The doubts about the influencer were great from the start. But organic farmer Denise, who had an unexpected fatal drama *, wanted to give it a chance – until the fourth episode of the RTL show. Till thanked him with a nasty saying. (Read here: Bauer sucht Frau (RTL): All information about the start of the new season from 1st June with Inka Bause *)

The farmer is looking for a wife: after Aus – Till Adam turns out to be a bad loser

While Sascha is very happy and is “real, great, great, beautiful”, Till Adam comes across as a bad loser. “It was great here, it was great meeting you. I wish you luck on your journey, “Till told the organic farmer in the presence of presenter Inka Bause * and competitor Sascha. Behind the scenes, the globetrotter reality TV shows its true face. (Read here: Bauer sucht Frau 2020 (RTL): These are the new farmers of Inka Baus from 1st June *)

I am very surprised by Denise’s decision to have chosen Sascha. I think it absolutely doesn’t go together. Sascha is already talking about butterflies. He is also very sweet, if so, then I wish you both the best of luck.

Till Adam after leaving “Bauer sucht Frau”

Because Till disagrees with his departure from “Bauer sucht Frau”. He is of the opinion that Sascha and the farmer’s wife do not go together at all. “I am very surprised by Denise’s decision to have chosen Sascha. I think it doesn’t go together at all, “the muscleman told RTL.

Farmer seeks a wife: Denise decides for the character and against the visual aspect

If Denise, who is having a heated discussion with candidate Antonia *, still regrets this difficult decision, RTL viewers will see him in the coming weeks on “Bauer sucht Frau”, because Sascha and Denise now spend the farm week together on their farm in Höxter, North Rhine-Westphalia. The past also played an important role in her choice, as Denise admits: “In the past, sadly, I’ve often opted for men who looked handsome, but who simply weren’t good in character. Perhaps it is better that you pay more attention on the inside and not just on the outside. “

This coach returning from Denise should hurt Till’s ego even more than the expulsion. From your words you can see it attested that the lifeguard had a bad temper. But trashy TV fans certainly don’t have to be sad. After “Bauer sucht Frau”, the next show will definitely be waiting for Till Adam soon.

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