Battlefield 3 can be redeemed for free from Prime Gaming subscribers in December


In addition to the Electronic Arts shooter, five more games and various items can be purchased for free by subscribers

Service Amazon Prime is already well known by users, bringing several benefits to its subscribers, such as free shipping on purchases on the Amazon site, access to Prime Video series and songs available on Prime Music. Of course, Jeff Bezos’ company won’t forget the players, and the service also offers some perks, like games and thank you items, through the program. Prime Gaming.

For the month of December, Prime Gaming has brought a generous roster of games and items, and this time around the big highlight goes to Battlefield 3. The shotter, developed by DICE and released by Electronic Arts in October 2011, pit can be redeemed for free by subscribers to the service until 31 December.

ANALYSIS: Battlefield 3

Even after 9 years of its launch, BF3 is still fairly played by the community that loves the franchise, where you can still find multiple servers in multiplayer mode (one of the most acclaimed of its kind) to play with other players. Also, the game has an extension commendable campaign, focusing on the story of Sergeant Blackburn during the fictional era of “War 2014”.

In addition to Battlefield 3, Amazon offers various items and rewards for different games, such as League of Legends, Star Wars: Squadrons, VALORANT, Madden NFL 21, among others; plus five free titles for Prime subscribers, namely:

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  • Close to the sun (Storm in a teacup)
  • Wizard of Legend (Contingent99)
  • HyperDot (Tribe games)
  • Sigma Theory: Global Cold War (Mi-Clos Studio, FibreTigre, Goblinz Studio)
  • Turbulence (Gamious)

To purchase games and items for free, log into the Prime Loot website with your registered Amazon account and click “Reinvidicar”. To download games purchased on the platform, you need to install the official Twitch app, except Battlefield 3, where a key is generated to activate the game on Origin.

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