Simple Raiffeisen Bank

Raiffeisen Bank has a last minute announcement for all Romanians from all over the country, the bank comes with an extremely interesting surprise for all those who are customers, or want to become customers in our country. The Raiffeisen Bank enters the “chorus” of promotions for Black Friday 2020, and announces to all Romanians an extremely interesting offer, currently available to anyone wishing to take advantage of it.

Raiffeisen Bank he promises Romanians that he offers them the possibility of creating a bank account for which he will have no administration costs, that is, they will pay absolutely nothing to enjoy the bank’s services. In addition, Raiffeisen Bank reimburses Romanians 5% of their expenses when making payments by card or telephone, up to a maximum value of 50 LEI, probably per month, regardless of where they make the payments.

Raiffeisen Bank: LAST MINUTE announcement for ALL Romanians

Raiffeisen Bank it does not oblige customers to collect any income through this card to benefit from the offer, but simply offers everything for free to Romanians across the country. ZERO Simplu is the name of the new account that the Raiffeisen Bank is offering to Romanians eager to enjoy an extremely good offer right now and based on the information this is something extremely interesting.

Raiffeisen Bank let’s talk on your site about the special promotion that is available for those who decide to open a special account of this type, and there will certainly be many who will want to take advantage of it. The amount that Raiffeisen Bank offers as cashback to customers who hold this type of card is small, but it is still free money offered to customers, so it is not a bad idea to take the opportunity and activate the promotion.

Raiffeisen Bank has this special promotion available for a very limited time at the moment, and more details on its activation are available on the Romanian bank’s website.

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