Bahrain Urgently Approves Pfizer Vaccine Use After UK | Voice of America


Bahrain, a country in the Middle East, has urgently approved the use of Pfizer’s new coronavirus vaccine for the second time since the UK.

In a statement, the Bahraini government said the decision is based on the approval of national health regulators after reviewing and evaluating all available data.

Bahraini authorities have not said how many vaccines they have purchased and when they will start vaccinating them.

However, experts predicted that the “mRNA” vaccine developed jointly by US “Pfizer” and German “Bioentech” would be difficult to deliver and store because it is vulnerable to high temperatures.

The “mRNA” must be stored and delivered in a cryogenic condition of minus 70 degrees Celsius. However, in Bahrain, summer temperatures usually reach 40 degrees Celsius and the humidity is high.

Bahrain, where the US Navy’s 5th Fleet is stationed, is an island country with a population of approximately 1.6 million. Currently, the number of corona infections in Bahrain is around 87,000, and the overall death toll is 340.

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