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Bad weather has paralyzed air traffic in South Florida

The climate is affecting air traffic in South Florida. Travelers face cancellations, delays while snow covers the north-east and the center-west

By MiamiDiario Editorial

Dozens of flights in and out of the international airports of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood and Miami were canceled on Sunday morning, while the Northeast has to deal with a winter storm.

The warnings of strong storms and warnings about the winter weather were made Sunday morning in most of the country, from the Valley of Ohio and from Central Appalachia to the north of the Middle Atlantic and the North-East, according to the National meteorological service.

Dhaval Sadhu flew from India to New York very well, but going from New York to Barbados, where he was studying, was a problem.

"I have a connecting flight from New York to Barbados, but my flight was canceled, which is why they sent me to Florida and from Florida to Barbados," Sadhu said.

Sadhu was told that there were no flights from New York to Barbados until Monday, so he arrived in Fort Lauderdale, where a flight leaves for Barbados on Sunday night. He had to spend the night at the airport.

Throughout the country, airlines have canceled nearly 2,000 scheduled flights this weekend in the middle of the storm. More than 2,100 flights have been delayed.

At the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, 79 flights were delayed on Saturday and 39 were canceled. On Sunday, 63 flights were delayed and 31 were canceled due to the storm, said Gregory Meyer, a spokesman for the airport. Some delays lasted up to four hours.

Frequent passengers using the Miami International Airport are frustrated by delays.

the Miami International Airport canceled 11 flights, while 15 flights were delayed, according to Greg Chin, a spokesman for the airport.

A traveler from Fort Lauderdale has a word to describe how he feels about it: "Depressed, very depressed, I want to go home," he said.

Bad weather is affecting airports that are already facing long queues and lack of personnel in the partial closure of the government.

Air traffic controllers and officials of the Administration for transport safety They are working without compensation. At the start of the holiday weekend, 7% of the TSA workforce got sick.

With information from ABC Local 10 News

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